Christmas someplace else

We’re going to go out of town for Christmas this year. The first year without Mom. I’m both really sad and really excited. The family’s only down one member, but she was a large presence in the family and she was pretty much in charge of Christmas. And we’ve done the same thing every Christmas for the past fifty years. This year I just want to do something else, to be someplace else. I don’t want to get stuck trying to make things the same as they were like my mom did. It was just sad. We have a chance to do something different. With no guilt. The Wonderful Spouse is doing the planning. It’s a first.

What was said and what we hear

When I was a kid we went to Canada. It was really beautiful.


That’s me, in the middle.

It was a pretty wild place.


I remember this river. I remember it rushed by so quickly. I remember Dad telling me that if I stepped into the river and got pulled away by the current, he wouldn’t come in after me. What I heard was that he would come in after me, but he probably wouldn’t be able to save me and might die himself.


So I heeded the voice of caution and didn’t go too close. And my memories of Canada are beautiful.