Sony Vaio, part 3

The third week after I got the Sony, I took up a new hobby.  Swearing.  Granted, I was often swearing at the abomination known as Windows Vista, but I was still sitting in front of the computer at the time.

I don’t know who’s to blame for Vista, but I think torture might be justified.  It tortured me often enough.  I do not want my computer to think for me, or do things I haven’t asked it to do.  I really don’t want it to decide where to put my files.  Especially if it decides that they need to be seven layers down on a different drive than where I would like them to be.  And someplace different from the last time I downloaded files.

More than once I offloaded files from my camera only to have a heart attack because I couldn’t find them afterwards.  Thank the fates for the WonderSpouse.  He was able to find them and I went back to the old select and drag method of moving files.

Add to that random program lock ups or shut downs or just being unable to start a program without turning the computer off and waiting through the 10 minute start-up routine.  Often I couldn’t get it to shut down at all.  That probably should have been a sign that something was likely to go seriously wrong, but it’s not my area of expertise.

In more current news, there is a squirrel running in circles in the back of my head muttering ‘pictures, pictures, where are the pictures?’  I don’t think it’s going to stop until I have my pics safely offloaded and backed up to two separate locations.

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