The Farm

I mentioned it to the Wonderful Spouse a few weeks ago and to my great surprise he said OK.

We both have our reasons; some of them we share.

I think that the human population has reached a size that’s getting very difficult to support. I think there’s a big bad coming. I don’t know when and I don’t know what, but it’s coming. Any kind of disaster could interrupt food, water and energy supplies. Being in a large population center could mean starvation or worse.

The whole tea party thing scares me, too. They want to deny gays rights. They want to burn books. They’re just a few steps away from witch burning. As an atheist, I think I probably fall under their definition of witch.

I’d like to be able to produce my own food. If you really want to know what’s in your food, grow it yourself. I do what I can now, which is mostly tomatoes and herbs. I’d like to do something more substantive.

Living in densely populated Orange County has kind of burned me out. I’d like to live someplace where quiet happens sometimes. It’s never quiet where I live. I can always hear cars on the highway and freeway. I can usually hear the neighbors screaming or crying or laughing. I can smell the garbage trucks going by. I’d like to live someplace where there’s room for something besides more people.

I still can’t believe the Spouse is OK with the idea, but he’s said so more than once. Now comes research and planning. Although I know no one’s experience will be exactly the same I’m reading. Hit by a Farm is the first on the list.

I’m lucky?

I’m lucky.
I’m almost 53 years old and this is the first really important death in my life.

Really. I know I’m lucky.
But nothing prepares you for this. I’ve seen it on the horizon for quite a while now.

But, like watching a train wreck in slow motion, even though you know what’s coming, it just doesn’t prepare you for the awfulness of the situation.

You know it’s coming. You know it’s going to hurt. Sometimes you can see which limb will be torn from limb.

Doesn’t help. Hurts more. You feel like if you knew what was coming, you should have been able to stop it.

You can’t. Life is life. It’s a cycle. It is the way it is. Until our sun burns out, we are part of this planet. That comforts me. It’s not eternal, but it’s a really long time.

And while I’m grateful that life is good here on our wonderful planet, there’s still a Dad-sized hole in my world, impossible to fill.

Accident, not a mistake

Sometimes an accident can turn out not to be a mistake.

So Dad took this fall and had to have emergency surgery. He lived through the first few days and had a couple of visitors. Friends to my Mom and Dad.

And I have all of these email addresses, of people on my parent’s contact list. And I wrote a thank you email to the friends that visited Dad before he woke up and started to be himself. Only it wasn’t them. It was a couple of other people. My Dad’s cousin and her husband. And they came to visit. And Dad was appreciative. And Mom was appreciative. I think it might be time for me to thank them for themselves.

Amazon is wonderful


My computer died. 

Now, do I get the software I bought over the past 15 months back?  Or do I have to buy it again.  I really really don’t have the money to buy CS4 again.  Or another version of MS Office.  I bought Office because I need it for work.  My employer really doesn’t have the money to buy me Office, but I really need one to be able to even open work files at home.

Chit.  Not at all sure how this is going to play out. 

Amazon. I really love buying stuff from Amazon.  I can look back in my purchase history and see what I bought and when I bought it.  Is it still under warranty or not?  I can see that.  I’ll buy more stuff from Amazon just because I’m pretty sure they’ll support what I’ve got.

Amazon resonds. Sony, oh, hell, you don’t want to have to call Sony. Good luck to you if you need to call them. You’ll get a computer generated voice from an English as a second language speaker. Good luck getting help from that. It’s a flippin’ cliche and there’s a damn good reason for that.

With Amazon, I get what I’ve bought. If I buy a book. It’s mine. No matter when or what the platform.

I’ve had issues with a point and shoot camera that I bought several years ago. Amazon had my purchase history and I could see that the camera company needed to work with me.

With Amazon, I know what I’ve bought and when I bought it. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken with an Amazon customer service person. And yet, I’m still happy with Amazon customer service. Kind of think that Sony. could benefit from lessons from Amazon. I no longer trust Sony