I am a big fat coward

My cat’s nails have needed trimming. For a looonngg time. I’ve tried to cut her nails before; it’s like wrestling with a bag of fish hooks. That and last time she was mad at me for a week. But her nails just keep growing and she sounds like an old poodle clicking around the house. I managed to cut a couple of the worst ones, but it wasn’t easy and it just made me put off cutting them all.

Finally one day she managed to get a nail from her front foot caught on a nail from her back foot. Seeing my poor girl like that finally overcame my cowardice. I fetched out a beach towel and the nail clippers wrapped her up and started to clip. She escaped twice; she’s remarkably strong for an ancient, seven pound cat. I finally got them all cut. I’m hoping I won’t put off cutting them so long next time.