Garden Status 20170613

Fiddled around quite a bit in the garden this weekend. It’s amazing how much work I can do out there and still no one else can see the difference. I ended up with a full trash barrel of pruning and even I can barely tell the difference.


I think these are going to be green zebra tomatoes. I’m looking forward to trying them, I’ve never had any. They might be tiger tomatoes, but they’re the wrong shape. More like to be the green zebras.


I got this echevaria imbricata because I love the way the rosettes grow in tightly packed mounds. I potted it so it could develop a bigger root system before I put it out in the yard. It’s also starting to produce offsets.


I got this euphorbia guiengola plant because the description said that it would develop a caudex over time. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it shows no sign of developing a thickening trunk. I’m still pretty happy with it, even if it is basically just sticks with flowers on them. I haven’t seen this plant anywhere before, so at least it has the advantage of being unusual.


This poor little aloe is getting a little sun stressed. It looks better when the leaves a re a darker green, so I moved it to a spot where it doesn’t get quite so much sun.


This aloe is apparently happy with a crowded root system. The pot it’s in might hold two cups of soil at most. It’s one of the first things I got when I found the Orange County Cactus and Succulent Society. I couldn’t resist the colors. These guys are as close to cactus as I get. I just don’t like pokey things. Had a bad experience when I was a kid. Pliers were required to remove the spines.


My ledebouria socialis is doing pretty well. I’m anticipating moving this one, too, when the heat of summer moves in. I love how well it goes with the pot it’s in.

Welcome to the Jungle


The garden is still very happy so far this year. The nasturtiums are still blooming in all but the most sun-exposed parts of the yard. They’re generally crispy by this time of year. I went a little nuts with seeds this year and have been a little surprised by which have been the most successful.



And more cornflowers


It’s nice to sit outside with all the flowers blooming everywhere. We also have a hummingbird who has claimed the yard and guards it assiduously. When we’re sitting out in the evening he zooms back forth the length of the patio to make sure there are no intruders and everyone knows that it’s his yard. I enjoy having a yard that hummingbirds think are worth guarding.

Traffic Monster

That would be me. I am the most impatient driver. That’s one reason I try to be early. It’s much more relaxing. I act like everyone is in my way if there’s a possibility I could be late. I plan my drive with traffic patterns in mind. Stay out of the right lane in that area because you pass three schools and there are lots of pedestrians. Stay out of the left lane on that section because traffic always piles up there. Get past the school bus before it stops or you’ll have to stop and wait for a LOT of school kids to get on.

But the area near where I work drives me crazy(er). There’s one signal that has me pounding the steering wheel in frustration. The left turn signal lasts long enough to let three cars through, if you start when it turns green. Which apparently no one does. It seems like everyone is either on their phone, asleep at the wheel or have the reaction time of a snail. They also don’t read the traffic sign, which is Left turn yield on green, and I often have to wait through three signals before I get to turn. So I sit there flailing and screaming like a mad monkey and hoping that no one actually hears me.

My Wild Weekend (not)

Somebody asked when I got to work this morning if I did anything wild over the weekend. As for me a wild weekend is going to a plant sale, I just laughed. Then, I thought about it, and yeah, I sort of did have a wild weekend, if you count smuggling alcohol in to my mom. Her caregiver disapproves of alcohol and frowns on it if she has a glass. My sister told me she’d mentioned that she’d like a glass. Mom has been feeling out of control and anxious lately and thought a glass of wine might help her unwind a little. So I decided to pick up a bottle and take it with lunch on Sunday. I was all prepared to talk her into it. Turned out there was no coercion necessary. Preparation in the form of a corkscrew would have been a little more useful. I ended up pushing the cork in with a screwdriver. Such sophistication.

My sister texted me Sunday afternoon to tell me about something she saw on television. That’s not a usual thing. We might talk about things we watch in person, but nothing else. But this was pretty weird. She was watching a show and graffiti in the background was my name plus my husband’s name. It wouldn’t be so strange, except that my first name is pretty unusual. I’ve run into people with my name two or three times, but never seen it anywhere else. To see it in conjunction with my husband’s name kind of freaked me out.


What little time I spent in the yard this weekend I mostly spent admiring the flowers. Most of the spring flowers are at peak bloom right now.


I’d be happier if I saw more bees. Between the drought and the decision by most cities not to water the landscape, the bee population is greatly reduced. Good intentions with unintended consequences. My front yard is covered with flowers right now. This weekend I went out there and there were two bees. Two. I don’t think anyone is going to be able to convince me that the problem is not not enough water, but too many humans.