Weeding 20170221

Actually got myself outside and did some work in the front yesterday. My schedule has changed recently and I have far less time to do the things I want to do now. And feel like doing them much less. I work a “part-time” day at 6 hours and am required to take a lunch. Neither of which did I want. It’s all of the disadvantages of full time and none of the benefits. Then there’s the jewelry business, which I am NOT willing to give up.

But I’ve been really inspired lately by the succulent gardens of David Feix. His succulent landscapes are packed with beautiful contrasts of form and color and I want a garden like that right now. However, I have learned that things like that don’t happen quickly. The best way for me to achieve it to work on it a little bit every chance I get. Goodness knows that working in the garden will be better for me than sitting at my workbench.


So I changed jobs and moved to a different building. This building is four floors taller than the old one. Just before Christmas I started doing the stairs in this building. I’m working longer hours and have less time to get my jewelry stuff done at home. I figured if I got my workout done during lunch that would be one thing that I wouldn’t have to do at home. So I bring stuff I can eat at my desk and do the stairs during my lunch hour. It’s had the benefit of having a specific time to exercise and being easily quantified. I’ve kept up every day since I started and I’ve been pushing myself to work a little harder every day.

Yesterday I think I worked a little too hard. One ankle was really sore and I was really stiff last night. I was going to skip working out today altogether but I was reading an article a woman wrote about doing push ups every day and she said that you don’t skip. You just do it as low key as you need. In the beginning I just went down the stairs. Then I went down a floor than up one flight (each floor being two flights of stairs). This week it’s been down two floors and up one, starting at the roof. Until today when I went back to down one floor and up one flight; taking it easy all the way. And it was easy. I wasn’t out of breath when I got to the bottom.

I haven’t worked out this regularly in ages. I’ve been trying to figure out why. I think the biggest part is that I have a set time.  Also, I don’t have to do anything. I don’t change clothes. I never wear heels, so I don’t have to change shoes. Should we have a zombie apocalypse, or any other widespread calamity, I should be in good shape. Now if I could just get rid of my fast food habit, I’ll have it made. I keep telling myself that if I’m working this hard at working out I shouldn’t mess it up with poor food choices.


Baby pigeons are really ugly

They really are. Don’t believe me? Check this. And I know first hand. I was leaving work last Thursday when I noticed a bird sitting in the middle of the street. I thought “Something is wrong with that bird.” Then I noticed it was a baby pigeon, not fully fledged, with fuzz sticking out all over. A car came by and I thought it was going to end up pigeon mush, but it got up and made its way over to the curb. I’d been sitting at the intersection caught between wanting to save it and knowing that the world does not need more pigeons. I just couldn’t leave to starve or get squished. I pulled over to the curb, picked up and took it home.

It’s currently living in a cat carrier sitting on top of the washing machine. After finally doing what I tell everyone else to do, look it up on the internet, I found out how to feed it with the most minimal amount of trauma to us both.

I’ve taken it on, so it’s my responsibility. My major concern is that I’m going to end up with a pet pigeon.


I’m feeling very validated today. We are having the long predicted buckets of rain have finally started and our building at work leaks like a sieve. We had some damage in a earthquake several years ago and they’re telling us that they can’t fix it until the rain stops. Right now all of our fixes consist mostly of plastic trash cans under the leaks. We had one bright bulb take a look at one of the more severe leaks and decide on a slightly different fix. He left the buckets, but he also put a roll of absorptive material in the area of the leak. He stopped to tell us what he had done on the way out. The minute he was out the door I looked at my coworker and said “So basically he put a sponge in our suspended acoustic ceiling. It’s going to soak up all the water and then break through the acoustic tiles.” Acoustic tiles being made basically of cardboard dust.

It didn’t even take twenty-four hours. We came in this morning to find the ceiling tiles broken, the water collecting buckets knocked over and the roll of paper snaking soggily across the floor. I probably should have said something, but I haven’t had the best of luck when telling people how to do their jobs, so I didn’t. I feel satisfied that my projection of events was correct, and sorry for the people on the floor below us who got all of the water from the buckets at once.

Figure it out

I love figuring stuff out. Whether it’s learning a new skill at jewelry making (thanks Brea Bead Works!), figuring out who does the voiceover on commercials (David Duchovny does dog food, Tom Selleck does orange juice) or determining the ingredients in a dish by taste alone.

Today was ingredients day. There’s a restaurant close to work that makes flat bread dishes, one of which I really like. The last couple of times I’ve had it I tried to figure out what they use to make it. The poor restaurant is struggling, most of them are, and if I don’t learn to make it myself I might not be able to have it again.

The name of the dish is ‘the Brazilian.’ I couldn’t find anything in any kind of Brazilian cooking that would relate to it. Maybe they just used the name because it was sufficiently exotic that people here wouldn’t know what to expect? It’s flatbread with grilled chicken, cheese and some kind of sauce. I’d tasted mustard in the sauce before, and it was kind of sweet.

As I sat in there perusing the menu it hit me. Restaurants probably try to do as much as they can with a basic list of ingredients. They don’t want to have to buy any more than they have to, especially in this economy. On their menu is a spinach salad with honey mustard dressing and grilled chicken. It was an ah hah! moment for me. And now, providing I can find the right flat bread, I can easily make it at home.