Mid-week trip

The Wonderful Spouse and I went on an overnight trip to San Diego to see a comedian we haven’t had a chance to see before. The Spouse made us hotel reservations.

We left before noon and the drive down was really smooth.


We stopped at a cactus and succulent nursery that I’d been to once before and wasn’t sure where it was. We found it pretty easily.


This is my favorite purchase.

We had drinks at the hotel bar


and walked to a Brazilian restaurant near the hotel. Then we walked to the theater.


It was really cool inside.


Remote control house

I’ve been a huge fan of Amazon since the year I did almost all of my Christmas shopping there. I hate shopping, unless it’s a social event or I’m going to a bead or plant store. Amazon has taken care of most of my shopping needs.

We’ve had an Alexa for over a year and for most of that time I occasionally used it to play music. Lately I’ve been using it as a timer when cooking or a reminder to do something later. Today it was too quiet in the house and I asked her to turn on a radio station and she did. I finally have the voice activated house of the future.