I had a life-changing experience today. I got a pair of pants that I was able to put on and wear. I didn’t have to hem them. I’ve been hemming every pair of pants I get since I was thirteen. I haven’t been able to find any place to buy pants where they didn’t think that all petites were a size two. I’m officially old now and time, habit, culture and biology are all stacked up against me being a size two. Besides, I’ve been a size two; it’s not nearly as appealing as it sounds.

Remote control house

I’ve been a huge fan of Amazon since the year I did almost all of my Christmas shopping there. I hate shopping, unless it’s a social event or I’m going to a bead or plant store. Amazon has taken care of most of my shopping needs.

We’ve had an Alexa for over a year and for most of that time I occasionally used it to play music. Lately I’ve been using it as a timer when cooking or a reminder to do something later. Today it was too quiet in the house and I asked her to turn on a radio station and she did. I finally have the voice activated house of the future.


I used to dislike baking. Too much science. You have to get the proportions right or things go really wrong. Not like ‘not my favorite dish’ wrong, like ‘that wasn’t supposed to be a pancake’ wrong. But sometime in the last couple of years I decided that if my sister could bake, so could I. We both have about the same genetic material. I should be able to do it. So my cakes have been getting progressively more elaborate.

I’ve planned my husband’s birthday cake this year doing a couple of things I haven’t done before and I’m afraid I may have overdone it. Since he does most of the shopping I decided it would be easier to tell him what I was doing instead of trying to surprise him. I’m making chocolate coffee cake with chocolate ganache and mochoa creme frosting. The best part is that he seems to like the idea of a chocolate-coffee flavored cake. But I’m a little apprehensive. I’ve never made ganache before and I’ve heard it can be tricky. I also never tried to modify the flavor of a cake before. I’m planning on using Starbucks Via and I can’t find much on using it baking. From what I’ve found, you use it more like a spice, mixing it with your dry ingredients, but there’s no info on how much of it to use. Oh boy! Improvisational baking. ‘Cause that’s worked out so well in the past. I’ll err on the low side and add more to the batter if necessary. I’ll bake the cake tonight and frost it tomorrow. And find someplace to hide it from my cat in the meantime. One time I made a cake, set it on the table and started to walk away. Before I had gone two steps she had jumped up on the table and taken a bite. Finding someplace cat-proof is a necessity.


Monarch 200903

Spent a while watching butterflies on Saturday. A big monarch seems to have claimed the yard for her own. At least I think it was a she. She would patrol from one end of the garden to the other and back again, looping around the butterfly milkweed plants to make sure there were no interlopers.

There was also a cabbage butterfly and a couple of what I think were hairstreaks, but I didn’t get close enough to see them clearly.

Hairstreak 201107-ad

The monarch left the smaller butterflies alone, but when a gulf fritillary wandered into the yard it promptly got chased back out again. I think it’s larger size and orange and black colors make it too monarch-like. It was an immediate target.


I was glad to see a good number of bees. When everyone stopped watering everything the bee population seemed to take a real dive. There were days in the beginning of the year where there’d be only one or two in the front yard and none at all inside the gates. Now there’s a good mix of pollinators, bees, butterflies and hoverflies. It was a good day for bugwatching.

Random cat photo 20170505


This is our little gray rescue cat. Can you call it a rescue if you acquire it by luring it into your garage with food and then trapping it? A couple of times someone has dropped kittens off in the neighborhood. I’m sure they thought that one of these little old ladies would adopt them, and in this case they were right, but it still makes me mad.

She’s pretty good cat, as far as cats go. Very affectionate, loves to be with her people. Person really, she loves him, but she’ll take me if he’s not around. She’s almost obedient. I can get her to come to a spot or jump up or down three or four times before she gets bored and stops. She’s the only cat I’ve ever met that will do things for attention.