Adopted Orchids


A friend had a bunch of orchids in her house. When the blooms died she didn’t want to throw them away, but didn’t have the right conditions to get them to bloom again so she offered them to me. I took them home and I’m afraid I was not very kind to them initially. I put them out in the atrium and left them. It was a big change in environment and some of them got sunburned leaves. However, most of them managed to survive. I recently noticed, to my surprise, that there were bloom spikes on a couple of them. I’ve only had my orchids bloom in winter before, when the weather is somewhat cooler and damper. At least I don’t feel like quite such a fraud now.

The friend also came up with the idea that I should babysit people’s orchids and give them when they were blooming. Um, no. No market for it, no money in it and in no way do I want to do that. That’s doing all the work and missing all of the fun.

20170704 4th of July

Didn’t go anywhere for the 4th at all. The usual family thing is to go to Mom’s, swim in the neighbor’s pool, barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs a let off a box of “safe and sane” fireworks in the front yard. This year youngest sister’s kids had their own thing to do and middle sister just had back surgery. Youngest sister and I had lunch with Mom; I cooked steaks. Mom ate more steak than anyone. Success! Note to self: stick with the simple stuff. The fancy stuff looks like it might be fun to try, but too many things can go wrong.

So on the 4th, we did go anywhere. I made another rock for the front yard. It was a bit more difficult than the first one. The egg shape sheds water downward, making the lower part mushy and prone to collapse. I had to make the mixture much drier to compensate. I tried to make a pot. It was not a success and I just didn’t have the energy at that point to continue working until it was. Today my back is sore and I still have cement under my fingernails. I didn’t plan for sweat to be a major component of my cement, but it is.

The rest of the day was very quiet. Mostly me laying around trying to recover from rock building. The Wonderful Spouse made dinner, yay! Then we watched a couple of episodes of . Gibbering gonzo, that show has a major dose of weird. Not as weird as American Gods, which we are also watching, but weird. That seems to be the flavor of the month. Overmanipulated, hypersaturated colors in the video and improbable mythology.

The things we did, or didn’t, were good, but at the end of the day I found myself missing the tiny, underwhelming family holiday.