Oh, that’s why

Atrium 20170526

A couple of months ago the silver dichondra in my atrium started to looked really ragged, missing a lot of leaves. Because it’s been a rainy year and I had slug problems in other parts of the yard I thought slugs were the cause. Yesterday I was at my workbench and saw movement in the atrium out of the corner of my eye. This visitor was plucking the leaves off of the dichondra. It’s one of a pair that I’ve seen in the yard lately. They often make me anxious by hopping around on the ground when we’re out there with the cats. A bird on the ground never fails to rivet their attention.

Fennel Flower


I got a three-inch pot of fennel last year because I wanted more butterfly food. I haven’t had any swallowtails yet, but the plant has gone from three inches to three feet with tons of umbrels. I’m hoping for tons of seeds to go with the many flowers. I’ll spread the seed all over and hope enough comes up to lure in a few swallowtails. They’ll be welcome to eat it all. I’ve never eaten fennel. I had a dreadful experience with anisette and since then I avoid all things licorice-like.