365 Declutter Challenge

I haven’t been keeping up with my 365 declutter posts, but I have been keeping up with the decluttering. I did quite a bit over the weekend despite the holiday. Craigslist is my new best friend.

Got rid of this first:


An artist’s taboret. It just wasn’t very efficient storage. I replaced it with tool drawers. Much more appropriate for what I’m doing. I posted it on Craigslist and it was gone within an hour. Once I’d done it I wondered what took me so long.

The next day I posted some plastic shelves that we used on the patio for chicken stuff. Those took a little longer, but were still gone before dark. It’s a great way to get rid of things you no longer need but don’t want to just throw away.

I’m finding it much easier to get rid of clothes than I thought it would be. If you don’t like it, get rid of it. If you don’t like the way it makes you feel when you wear it, get rid of it. When you think about it, that’s actually sensible. That thought has given me the impetus to get rid of things I think I should like, but don’t. There are a lot of things that I got because I like the style or the color, but don’t really like the way they look on, so out they go. It’s freeing up a lot of space in my closet. Now if I can carry that through the rest of the house, we will have actual room to live in, instead of just store junk in.

To done list?

I’ve always made lists. Lately I’ve been making them on my phone with check boxes and everything. It’s very satisfying to check items off the list.

Yesterday, in celebration of feeling like a normal person, I did a bunch of yard work. Not many of the items on the list got done, but I’m happy with what did. I cleared out dead plants up front, weeded and raked. I pruned down all three salvias. They were all thin and leggy, but all had new growth starting at the bottom, so I figured now was the time to give them a haircut and hope for a little fuller growth.

I also pulled out a plant that mysteriously died. Then I solved the mystery of why it died. I just couldn’t figure it out. It had been doing really well for the past couple of years and all of a sudden it’s dead. I thought about it for a few minutes and then figured it out. The Spouse had turned down one of the sprinklers in the planter above where the plant died. I knew that it was the water source for the plants below it, but he didn’t.

Then I went around and put flower seeds and fertilizer in all of the multi-use pots and added a layer of compost. Then I prayed for rain. Planting seeds at this time of year may seem weird, but I’m doing what my garden tells me to do. I noticed a few years after we moved in that the volunteer tomatoes sprouted after the weather turned cool and we got some rain. I’d heard that there was a chance of rain for last night so I hurried to get the seeds spread and covered with compost. And it did rain during the night. Not a lot, but enough to give the seeds a start.

Otoliths or Rocks in My Heat

So I have rocks in my head. So do you for that matter, but at least one of mine has misplaced itself. It started on Thursday when I started feeling a little dizzy (no smart remarks) and nauseous. It was kind of better on Friday morning, then really bad on Friday night and through the weekend. I had just started a new medication and was sure that was it. But I stopped taking it and the dizziness didn’t go away; it actually got worse.

Then I remembered reading about otoliths in this blog. And how there are exercises that you can do to cure the vertigo. I tried them without success and then went on to scare myself to death by reading all the other things it could be caused by.

By chance I had a doctor’s appointment today, so when I went to see him I told him about the vertigo, he had me tip my head forward and back, tip it side to side, then rotate it right to left. The only place I got dizzy was in rotating right to left. Most probably an otolith in one the lateral canals.  So I got a prescription for Antivert and may try rolling around trying to get it back where it belongs, but otherwise, nothing dreadful.

And I found out that my lupus is not significantly more active. And the doc liked the jewelry I made for him. He’d asked for five bracelets and five pendants. I made closer to ten pendants, using all of the nice coins I had for the country he wanted. He bought them all. So all in all, a good day.

Fair Weather Gardener

Most of the time. Certainly at this time of the year. Browsing through the gardening blogs in my reading list at this time of year really do make me grateful to live here. Especially ones like this. Having to dig up dozens of plant to move them in out of winter weather just does not sound appealing to me. I know that no one has to grow plants that are not hardy to their growing zone, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I have exactly one plant that drops its leaves if we hit cold weather and I just see that as an opportunity to cut it back because it has a tendency to get leggy. But the leaves are so spectacular I just don’t want to live without it.


So I live with its lankiness and its susceptibility to parasites and thank goodness I don’t have to dig it up and move it to the garage every year.

The Endless To-Do List

I have been trying to get tasks done. I’ve actually been able to mark a few things off. I finally re-potted the reed orchids. They’ve been on the list for months. I’m trying to get some yard work done every day.

I re-potted a bunch of my succulents in ridiculously oversized pots. But I had two plants that were the same size when I bought them, put one in a large pot and the other in a small one. The one in the large pot is easily five times the size of the one in the small pot. So I’m hoping the small succulents in the big pots will fill in as quickly as the other one did.

We must have had a monarch come through. I had a bunch seedlings of butterfly weed coming up in several places around the yard. Almost every one of them has been totally stripped of leaves. I found a small monarch caterpillar on the wall out front when I was raking leaves, so I took it and put it on one of the few plants that still had leaves. That’s the price I willingly pay to have butterflies in the yard – ugly plants with holes in the leaves.

I’ve decided to put a variety of succulents down at the base of the pillar on patio. We have the hops in there now and I didn’t want to crowd them, but they’re not doing that great and I want something more attractive there. I can take cuts of several kinds of succulents and put them in there and they’ll fill in. That actually might work in a couple of places in the yard. The trick is keeping Spud out of any newly planted areas. Being bigger than he used to be, he’s more adept, using that word loosely, at getting over the brick edging. I’m surprised he doesn’t turn himself over more often than he has. He has to get into everything and always wants to see what you’re doing. In case you drop something delicious, of course. Which happens with enough regularity to reinforce the behavior.

I’ve started a bunch of wildflowers in pots on a table next to my chair. I figure that way I won’t forget to water them. Give them a strong start and then put them all around the yard and start a new batch.

And getting any or all of this stuff done doesn’t even touch the housework to-do list. Auuugghh! Deep breath. Pick one thing and get it done. You never have everything all done at once.

Another bad night

Had another bad night last night. It seemed like all the muscles below my knees cramped up at the same time and just wouldn’t stop. The pain from already sore muscles cramping up again was so bad it had me in me in tears, trying to stretch one side of my leg without triggering cramps on the other. Again, the kitty followed me around the bed as I moaned and cried. When I leaned my head on the bed trying to catch my breath when the cramps finally started to subside, she was right by me. When I finally got back into bed to go back to sleep, she curled up beside me. Our kitty actually wants me to feel better. This too brought tears to my eyes.