More rain

We had some more rain on Sunday. I had plenty of advance notice so I got to do a few chores best done pre-rain.

I distributed another batch of seeds around in places I’d like some more bloomers. One of my favorite ways to do things is to take the seeds from flowers that have been successful and just broadcast them around. I went around the yard, putting compost in the bare patches and then raking in seeds collected from last year’s flowers.


I also have a geranium that seeds itself around the yard. Except this year it didn’t because the chickens ate it all. Fortunately, I had one in the front yard. Unfortunately my husband decided to change one of the sprinklers without telling me and it died. Fortunately, it seeded itself very liberally out front. I dug up a bunch of the seedlings and put them in bare patches around the yard as well. Hopefully the rain will keep them damp long enough to get established.

I’ve been really happy with the geranium’s seeding habits. So far it hasn’t been out of control. If it shows up somewhere I don’t want it, I pull it up and that’s that. But it occurred to me today that we haven’t had any rain for so long I may not know it’s really seeding habits.

I planted several perennials out front that died along with the geranium and a couple of those are coming up from seed as well. Now why didn’t I think of moving some of those, too? I’ll have to dig a few of those up and move them, too. Add that to the incredible, elastic never-ending list of things I need to do in the yard.


I’m feeling very validated today. We are having the long predicted buckets of rain have finally started and our building at work leaks like a sieve. We had some damage in a earthquake several years ago and they’re telling us that they can’t fix it until the rain stops. Right now all of our fixes consist mostly of plastic trash cans under the leaks. We had one bright bulb take a look at one of the more severe leaks and decide on a slightly different fix. He left the buckets, but he also put a roll of absorptive material in the area of the leak. He stopped to tell us what he had done on the way out. The minute he was out the door I looked at my coworker and said “So basically he put a sponge in our suspended acoustic ceiling. It’s going to soak up all the water and then break through the acoustic tiles.” Acoustic tiles being made basically of cardboard dust.

It didn’t even take twenty-four hours. We came in this morning to find the ceiling tiles broken, the water collecting buckets knocked over and the roll of paper snaking soggily across the floor. I probably should have said something, but I haven’t had the best of luck when telling people how to do their jobs, so I didn’t. I feel satisfied that my projection of events was correct, and sorry for the people on the floor below us who got all of the water from the buckets at once.

New Year’s Revolutions, I mean Resolutions

They do seem to come around again and again, year after year.

This year I decided that in addition to any regular resolutions I make I should make doing things for someone besides myself a priority.

First on the list was play with the cats more. They love it so much. I started on this one already and there are results. I hunted up the old laser pointer and put new batteries in it. I played with the cats for a while a few nights ago. Every night since then I have a cat audience as soon as I go upstairs. One sits just outside the bedroom door, looking in and the other sits on the bed, staring at the box I keep the laser pointer in. This started after one time. I guess they like to play.

The next is call someone in my family once a week. Not text. Actual voice calling. I’m horrible at that stuff. I’ve never been big on phone calls. But a little more human contact might be nice.

Need to come up with one to do for the Spouse. Have to give that some thought.


I’ve added a lot of new garden links to my blog this year. It has been informative and inspiring.

Because of them I’ve joined a local cactus and succulent group. Gone to plant shows and sales. It’s wonderful when you find your own brand of nerd.

Now, following a link from one blog to another blog I have found a new obsession. I’ve been a fan of the Arts and Crafts movement for a long time, and I really like Frances Gearhart’s work. Now the trick is to find a piece that I can afford.

Here it comes

It appears that El Nino is finally going to make it to our area. Once source has predicted six inches of rain this week. Thank goodness the spouse cleaned out the rain gutter over my succulent bench. I might actually try to move it to the other side of the patio, providing I can make enough room and have enough time. Barring that, I’ll move some of the more sensitive specimens.

I’ve planted the seeds, tubers, etc. for my perennial vegetables, but I’d like to get some tomato seeds in. In poking around the yard yesterday I found a pink tiger tomato at almost full size. It’s still very green and may be a while before it ripens. I got exactly one of those before the chickens did last year, but it was one of the most tasty tomatoes I’ve ever had. While I’m trying more heat tolerant varieties this year; I’ve got to with temps reaching 104 regularly, I’m going to plant more of these just because they taste so good.

I need to put the indoor orchids out, too. Perhaps even the new air plants. They’d probably love some rainwater. It’s going to rain every day for the next week just when I’m finally feeling well enough to go play in in the yard. Figures.