Bucket of beads


I have a lot of beads. Sometimes I think I should just take them all and throw them in a bucket, but you know that then the one I was looking for would be at the bottom. I’ve been working on project three from my idea book, but haven’t made much progress in the past few days. Got a request for a specific coin that I didn’t have in stock and because I have to mix the resin in batches I always do as many as the resin will cover so as not to waste it. I’m out of a lot of my best sellers anyway, so a batch of coins in line ahead of experimental work for right now.

Stair people

It used to be there were cigarette people. People who got together in groups outside of buildings to smoke. There may still be cigarette people, but if there are, they hide. Smoking has become so uncool that people usually don’t do it in public.

In an effort to try to work some movement into my very restrictive job, I’ve started using the stairs in our building. I figure I won’t live through the Zombie Apocalypse if I can’t move faster than a zombie. And I’m not alone. I’ve noticed that there are stair people. Like the cigarette people of the past, the stair people form a little bond of shared activity. It’s kind of cool. I’m not that good at social interactions and it gives me an opportunity to practice a little day to day conversation. Not to mention that I’m moving at least a little faster than a zombie these days.