Butterfly Central

It’s been butterfly central in the garden lately. Butterfly fights are a daily thing with several different kinds of butterflies battling for territory. Even had one I had one that I haven’t seen before. Had to look it up.

White edged dusky wing

Don’t know what this one is doing here, they’re supposed to eat oak leaves. If there are any oaks around here I don’t know about them.

Been trying to spend some time outside while it’s still nice. Planning on planting more butterfly weed this year. I planted one plant a while back and all I have now came up from seed.

Grandma Ed’s Notebook

So I’ve got this box of stuff from my parents home and I’ve been putting off dealing with it for years. Today I decided that I’d try nibbling at it instead of doing the whole thing at once. The first thing that I picked off the pile was this:

I thought I’d be able to look at it and throw it away. I might be able to if I didn’t do the same damn thing. That and it’s like having Grandma in a notebook. Pragmatic and simple. I think I’ll keep it for a while.

In the garden now – 4/2/2020

There were a couple of butterflies in garden today. A monarch serenely floating from one end of the garden to the other, and a rather ragged looking gulf fritillary trying to find someplace to lay her eggs. Saw a rufous hummingbird, but wasn’t quick enough to catch a shot.

Rather more bees than usual.

I don’t know what this is. It’s at least the third division of these. The tag is long lost. Perennial round, grass-like foliage.

I don’t know what this is, either. It’s an annual. I think it hitchhiked here from my grandmother’s yard. The leaves get to be about one inch across. It’s spread around the yard and I should probably pull it up like a weed. But it makes me remember Grandma’s yard. I think I’ll keep it.

Everyone go crazy day

Today was our Costco day. So we tried to go to Costco. Tried. My husband had trouble believing it, so we cruised past the local Trader Joe’s and regular market. But we actually need toilet paper. It seems like since entertainment venues are taking the corona virus seriously, the rest of the public has finally decided they need to pay attention. Orange County often thinks it’s immune from the troubles of the rest of the world, but money won’t help with this one.

Insomniac night

Since I started exercising regularly I seldom have the sleepless nights that I used to, but I’m up now. That fact is driving Casper cat crazy. First he wouldn’t leave me alone. “You’re up now? Great! What are we going to do?” Then he got the zoomies and ran up and down the stairs, making as much noise as possible.

Truth be told, my anxiety level is pretty high about now and he’s a wonderful distraction.