I order most of the coins I work with off of eBay and this happens a lot. I order a batch of coins from someone and they come in an envelope covered in a wide variety of stamps. Every time I get one of these I wonder if I’m getting someone’s legacy. Someone’s family member collected coins and stamps and after they’re gone a family member has to figure out what to do with the collection. They end up selling it off bit by bit on eBay. In some cases they use the stamps to ship the coins. I have no idea if that’s actually what happens, but whenever I get a package like this I always think that it is. A batch of beautiful Greek Athena coins came in this envelope.

Rainy weekend


We did our annual family vacation this weekend. Usually we do a beach thing, but this year we rented a house on a vineyard, miles from anywhere. Getting there was a nightmare, with the main way to get there closed by mudslides and being caught in traffic for hours only to have to turn around and go back the way we came.

We did finally get there and the house made up for a lot. We’ve rented a lot of houses over the years, this one was the best equipped so far. Rental houses go from having everything to having darn near nothing, and you don’t find out until you get there which it’s going to be. Mom, sister and I each make one dinner with breakfasts and lunches being a group effort. It’s actually kind of fun cooking in a group. Much easier to get dinner on the table for a large group when you have enough people to handle each aspect.

Of necessity we spent most of our time indoors, but we did have a half day of sunshine. I went walking around the property, enjoying being outside with no other people within view. I spent half an hour sitting at the edge of a dirt road, watching and listening.


That half day made the weekend for me.

The rest of the time we sat around the house, watching the rain come down outside. We put together a couple of jigsaw puzzles, played charades and Heads Up. We’re a very exciting group. But it was actually nice not to have a big agenda. Getting everyone organized to go shopping or out to eat can end up being quite a production, especially since Mom’s in a wheelchair.

Pre-flight jitters

Counting down in hours now before starting off to the Galapagos.

I always get nervous before a big trip.  I worry about everything.  I obsessively check to make sure I’ve brought my meds.  I worry about whether the shuttle will get to us on time.  Whether we’ll make the flight.  Whether the airlines will object to anything in my suitcase.  Whether we’ll make our connection.  Once we’re on the actual flight to Quito, I’ll start to relax.

Weight on the luggage is really tight.  We’ve been weighing, but it looks like I’m going to have to take some stuff out.  I really haven’t got that much in the way of clothes.  There’s not much I can do to make things lighter.  The heavy stuff is camera gear.  I don’t care if I have to go naked, that stuff is going.

We were only going to check one bag, but if we bring another small one, we’ll be well within weight limits per bag and all around.  Might be easier.  Planning is obviously not my strong suit.

To go along with my travel anxiousness we have out of town dignitaries in at work and that always involves a certain amount of the hustle and the bustle.