Day 50

Finally, down about half a pound. I think most of this fluctuation is due to the imodium I took last week. Things have just NOT been moving along. Between that and variances in my salt intake. Damn! I really wanted to to break the 150 mark this week. I just don’t know if I can be good long enough for that to happen that soon. I’m not giving up. I’m still sticking to plan more often than not, but it’s a bit disappointing to have so little progress this week. I just have to get myself together and keep on keeping on. *Sigh*

Christmas already!

I know, I know. Everyone hates to hear the word ‘Christmas’ until after Thanksgiving. I understand. I was one of those people. Ever since I became an adult and Christmas became more about what to give people instead of what I was getting my holiday spirit has been waning. It was just another list of chores to add to the daily list of chores.

Until I started my Etsy shop. Then things changed. At first it was because of the orders. It’s very exciting to people actually buy what you’ve made. But after a while it became more about helping people find a special gift for someone in their lives. These days I don’t care that Christmas starts in October. I started preparing months ago and I still don’t feel like I’m ready.

Morning Cat 20141025


She has her own throne.


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