Morning Cat 20141025


She has her own throne.

Not gardening

I have not been doing anything in the yard lately and it really shows. I don’t feel too bad about it; gardening in 104 degree heat isn’t really sane. But it’s cooled down some and I would really like to get moving on some of my projects. Removing unwanted plants is high on the list. I have one aquatic plant that managed to seed itself in one of the planters and it has several other plants in and around it that are unwanted, most unwanted being a bramble that I let grow because I thought it might be a berry plant. It’s not. It’s a thorn plant. A really thorny plant. Thorns on the undersides of the leaves thorns. I really want to get rid of that monster. It’s dangerous and spreading. I keep trying, but it keeps coming back.

Chicken update 9/17/14

The chickens have now put themselves to bed every day for almost a week. We make a ramp out of an adirondack footstool and a storage box and they work their way up the ramp and into the box when it gets dark. Beats the heck out of chasing them around the yard.

Flies have been kind of a problem, so I ordered a couple of fly traps and some fly trap bait. I filled one of them and hung it this morning. I’m curious to see how well they work. When the bait gets here I’ll make traps out of empty soda bottles and throw them away after I’m done with them. I sure hope this stuff works. It’s been so hot that going outside is extremely unpleasant. I need to get outside in the morning and sweep. I just can’t bring myself to work outside when it’s 104 degrees out.

I tried srouting some wheat seeds for them, which I won’t be doing again. I could see doing someplace that has a real winter, but the girls just pulled of the grass part and ate the seeds. Not worth the effort. And the grain starts to ferment and doesn’t smell all that great.

I’ve been letting them out when I get home. It’s so hot I want to give them the opportunity to find the coolest place in the yard. Yesterday I let them out and when I came outside they were all piled up on a patch of dirt in the planter.

Michigan needs to take its weather back

This weekend it was over a hundred degrees outside and nearly a hundred percent humidity. It rained in south of us and north of us, but not on us. So we had all the icky sticky factors of rain, but no actual water.

The chickens had a unique method of dealing with the heat.

Chickens 20140907a_

I’m having to chicken-proof everything. They eat just about everything. I planted some beans recently and one afternoon saw one of the chickens running around with sprouted bean plant in her beak. We bought several rolls of chicken wire this weekend and it’s going up around everything I don’t want eaten by chickens. Which is


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