My spidey-sense was tingling

Things have been a little off lately, what with Mom having been in the hospital for a week or so. Last night, just as I thought things were settling back to normal I got a call from Mom. She wanted to know if I was coming over on Sunday, my usual visiting day. I said yes and she said she would be glad to see me. She mentioned that her caretaker would probably be there, which he isn’t usually. He generally gets the weekend off. Meaning that he leaves the house and goes elsewhere during the day and returns at night.

Something just seemed off about the call, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She sounded kind of furtive, like she might have been calling while he was out of the room, and she got off the phone abruptly. I finally figured that he might acting differently since the doctor caught him making changes to her medications. He’s a passive-aggressive kind of guy and more than a little crazy so I can see that happening. I’m 99% sure he’s gay, but his culture doesn’t allow it. He bounces back and forth between wanting to be a priest and wanting to be a nurse.

Anyway, the idea that he might be being overly officious with Mom bugged me all night. So I called this morning and while I’m not sure what’s going on, something is. She didn’t want to talk about it on the phone. I told her that if he was being too bossy that she should tell him that was my job.

I’m hoping that whatever is going on now is a temporary phase and will straighten itself out over time. She’s had a good relationship with this guy for the past three years. He’s attentive and takes good care of her, outside of thinking that he’s qualified to adjust her medications. I doubt we’d ever find someone she got along with as well. But however it works out, I’m on her side.

Day 70

Had my doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was not at all what I was afraid it would be. I was afraid she was going to tell me how poorly I was doing and how I would need to modify everything. But no, there were some variances in my last set of tests and she wanted to make sure I wasn’t having problems. She was impressed by my weight loss and wanted to know how I did it so she can offer more methods to her other patients that need to lose weight. I was so afraid that both of my doctors would tell me that it was a bad way to lose weight, but they both on board with it. I think it falls under ‘whatever works.’

I finally told the Spouse about it. I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. Didn’t weigh myself this morning either. I was bad and had a couple of drinks last night, but I’m still in a good mood today.

Day 69

Haven’t weighed myself much lately. The last couple of weeks I kind of stalled out. The week before last I just ate too much and last week was the stress marathon of having Mom in the hospital.

All’s well that ends well I guess. Mom is home out of the hospital, something I wasn’t expecting. When she first complained of abdominal pain all I could think was “cancer, cancer, obstructed bowel, cancer.’ I was truly afraid that we would lose her in very short order.

But now I’m back on track. Actually did pretty good over the weekend. Cut an hour out of eating time because things had started going up again and that seems to have worked. Scale said 152 with two shirts and a sweater on. Didn’t weigh myself this morning.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon with the nephrologist. I’m rather apprehensive about it. I’d like to ask for copies of my last three rounds of tests. I’ve been making changes in my diet and I’d like to know if they make any difference. How can I tell without some kind of feedback. I think I know most of what she’s going to say, I’m hoping for no nasty surprises. It does not comfort me that my rheumatologist ran the test, but my nephrologist is the one that called me.

Back to the program, I’m starting to feel a bit smaller. And why is always my chest that goes first. I noticed that in the mirror this morning. But I also noticed that my middle seems to be a bit smaller. And last night going up and down the stairs (once) with the laundry it seemed to take a lot less effort than it has in the past. I know it’s not because of exercise, my exercise routine has been nonexistent. But I’ll take each little sign of progress and hang on to it. I can use all the positive reinforcement I can get.

Inquisitive Spud

Was putting together a raised bed this weekend and Spud had to come and check it out.

Inquisitive Spud

BS Detector

It is probably a good thing that most people have their kids in their twenties. When you’re in your twenties you still buy some of the bullshit that people try to sell you. “Maybe he really does have stay late at work for the third time this week because he’s working.” (That wasn’t informed by personal experience at all.)

When you’re a little older you can call BS when you see BS ninety percent of the time. Kids would get away with absolutely nothing if parents were a little older and trusted their instincts a little more.
This weekend there were a lot of kids outside playing in the neighborhood. There was shouting coming from every direction. All at once the normal kid noise was interrupted by the sound of a little girl crying. Loudly. I listened for a couple of minutes, I generally don’t get involved with the neighbors’ kids, but if one falls down and hurts themselves in front of my house I’ll run and fetch their mom. It was not the cry of an injured child. It was the outraged cry of a child not getting things the way they want. You can totally tell one from the other.

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have kids. I’d probably just laugh if my kid tried that. I’m not the most sympathetic person.

Mid-century Modern – I don’t like it

I don’t like it. I really don’t like it. The way decorating has been going for a while now, I appear to be the only one in the world who doesn’t like it. It’s flippin’ everywhere. Furniture is mid-century modern, accessories are mid-century modern,graphics are mid-century modern, houses are mid-century modern.

People say they like the clean lines and uncluttered designs. I don’t believe them. I think most of them are just nostalgic for a time that seems better and more uncomplicated than theirs. Well, I’ll give them more uncomplicated. No computers or cell phones. No Facebook or LinkedIn.

But design, not so much. To me mid-century modern represents the extinction of craftsman and the rise of machine made everything. The lines are simple because it’s easier to machine it that way. The driving force was economic, not design.

I like to see the imperfections and variations that are the mark of human hands. Something not made by a machine on an assembly line, but by a person. That’s what mid-century modern lacks.

Day 59

Weight’s up again. High enough that I don’t want to post it. The last couple of weeks have been disappointing. Grit teeth. Don’t give up, don’t give up.

I’m having a hard time giving up soda. But I do have to say that in the whole day and a half since I’ve given up soda I haven’t had any visual migraines. I’ve asked the Spouse to pick up some Crystal Light for me. I checked the ingredients, no phosphorus. There’s a special place in the land of pain in the butt for people who have kidneys that can’t keep their blood chemistry normal. I’ll do my best to stop with the soda, alcohol, meat, shellfish, fat until I go back to see my nephrologist next month.

I’ve done some more research and found the hypoparathyroidism is in the category of orphan conditions. Conditions that have so few sufferers that no one wants to make treatments for it because there’s no money in it. I’m currently taking the only readily available drug. If that doesn’t work the only other treatment is dialysis. I already know how much fun that is. So despite the fact that I really don’t want to give up soda, et al, I will.


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