I’m a thermometer

I swear you can tell the outdoor temperature by where I am.  If I’m outdoors, it’s above 70 F.  Apparently that holds true for a large section of humanity.  I went to the local nursery on my way home from Mom’s on Sunday and it was packed.  I guess I’m not the only one affected by warm weather and the proximity of Spring.

I went a little crazy; and got several different types of both annual and perennial flowers for color.  And surprised myself by getting quite a few of them in the ground right away.  Because the area I have to plant in is very small and I’m very lazy, I planted them in bunches.  One tall and two or three short varieties together.  That’s my general garden plan.  Plant stuff you like and some of it will grow and do well.

Was wandering around checking the plants out when I noticed a caterpillar on the butterfly weed.  Butterfly weed is pretty ugly as plants go, they burn easily in the sun, get weird aphids with yellow bodies and black legs and reseed themselves everywhere, but I leave most of the ones that come up because monarch butterflys lay their eggs on them.  The caterpillars stripped one plant of leaves in less than a day.  After they do that I cut the plant back to the ground.  I think have a few ugly plants in the yard is a good exchange for butterflys. 

Warm weather

You can tell when the weather’s warm. I’m outside.

The bees are drinking the pond water early this year. Usually they don’t start until mid-summer. Another sign of the drought in this area.


Spud is not a very cooperative model and he moves faster than you’d think. However, he does slow down for bananas.


My green onions are blooming. I should probably cut them off, but can’t bring myself to do it.


The bees are not the only ones that like drinking the pond water.


I don’t do cactus

I am a big fan of plants that have low water requirements and I love all of the shapes and colors and sizes that succulents come in, but I don’t do cactus.

I’ve had a couple of experiences with cactus that made me decide that I was just better off leaving plants with spines out of my landscape.

When I was a kid I went with my parents to visit some of their friends. They had a lovely yard, most of which was planted with cactus. I played in the yard while my parents visited their friends and, of course, fell into the cactus. I remember them having to use pliers to get the spines out. Not one of my fondest memories.

Another time I had a small tray of cacti growing on my window sill. It had what was called a ‘cinnamon cactus’ in it. My bed was right under the window and a piece of the cactus fell into my bed. I ended up with almost invisibly tiny spines all over my back.

That was the end of any desire to have cactus as part of my landscape. Ever.

My orchids snuck up on me this year

Looked around this weekend and three of them were blooming.


















I shouldn’t be allowed


Originally uploaded by lorinda3l2000.

I can’t go anyplace that sells plants without coming home with something. This is my latest addition to our atrium. I try to get plants with color since it’s hard to get things to bloom there. Not enough light.

Post Christmas Activity

It’s dry. My lips are chapped and the Santa Ana winds are blowing. My cat, the Wonderful Spouse and I were all sick over Christmas. A horrible cold that lingers on and makes me feel wavery and stupid even now. And now that Christmas has passed, everyone seems to be struck with cleaning out for the new year. The Spouse started last night, getting rid of clothing he no longer wears. He’s decided to get rid of 2 t-shirts for every one he gets. I’m with him on that. I’ve had the same project in mind over the last few days, but while the spirit is willing, the flesh is feeling a bit under the weather at the moment. I’ll start a drawer at a time as soon as I feel more energetic.

I started my New Year’s resolutions early this year. Bought a FitBit several months ago and have been wearing it, but haven’t really been paying attention to what’s been going on. A few weeks ago someone said something about it being almost the end of the year. It made me think about resolutions, so I made some. I figure if you think about them, that’s a good time to make them. It’s the first year I haven’t resolved to lose weight, although I do hope that will be a side effect of one of my resolutions. I have my average steps per day over several months and I’ve decided to up them by a thousand steps per month until I reach my goal amount. Ten thousand per day is my current end goal. That may change depending on how things go. So I’ve started increasing my activity, trying to keep it at a thousand steps above what it was before. Not really been possible while I’ve been sick, but we’ll see how much I can make up for my several days doing an imitation of a log.

Was really worried about my poor cat. I noticed she was a little lethargic one day and the next the Spouse said she wasn’t eating. She’s thin already so it really worried me. A couple of days of little fluid could be very serious for her. She’s normally very interested in food and when I tried a little of the fish we had for dinner she just sighed a looked away. I was able to get her to drink a little just by holding a glass of water up to her and the next day she seemed better and the day after that she was almost her normal self. Thank goodness it was short-lived. She still has some weight to gain back, but I’m working on that.


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