Silly rules

Got out of my car this morning and said “Damn! Now I have to go up the stairs when I go home.” In an effort to get more exercise into my life I’ve been making silly rules. I park in a parking structure at work, and usually end up on the fourth level. Rule number one – Take the stairs down. Rule number two – if I park on the second or third level, I have to take the stairs up at the end of the day. Rule number three – All Etsy shipments must be hand-carried to the post office. Rule number four – All house and garden work is aerobic if you do it fast enough – speed it up. Besides, you get more done in less time that way. I’m not sure that it’s the rules or just the feeling of running out of time that’s making the difference, but I do feel like I’m making a little more progress these day. Except for those days when I break all my rules.

Wrestling with time

I am constantly wrestling with getting the most out of my time. I am fully aware of the fact that the life I have may end without notice, and will without doubt change drastically, also without notice. And nothing makes me happier than being able to do two things at once; dry my hair and do leg lifts, file my nails at stop lights, edit photos during commercials when we’re watching tv. Getting my exercising done while I’m at work has been my latest and I have to admit that I’m exercising much more regularly and feel better for it.

This weekend I got a couple of repair jobs done for people at work. Annnnnd my reward for finally finishing these projects was more repairs. Not my favorite.

I was so excited to get all my pending work done. The two repairs and a simple copper ring. Everything turned out to be more work than anticipated, but turned out better than expected as well.


Did you ever have a project that had you stuck? I was stuck on one of my repairs. My customer is a bit of an anglophile. She’s been to Britain several time and loves it. I wanted to incorporate a sixpence into a bracelet I was making from beads that came from a broken necklace and just couldn’t come up with a way to do it that I was happy with. I wanted to finish it, but every time I thought about it my mind ran up against that bit of it. Finally I just got out the piece and laid out the tools and that let me carry on to the next step. But for a while it was like running into a dead end.

At least I got a lot done this weekend. I got a few extra hours off on Friday and it was wonderful. I actually sat outside in the afternoon and watched the butterflies fly by. There was one very worn looking gulf fritillary flitting about. I hope she found the plants she needed. They’re there. I’ve been very careful about removing the passion flower vines. They’ve come up from seed all over, but not necessarily in places that I want them. I check the vines for eggs and larvae before I take them out. I thought “butterfly seeds” instead of eggs when I was writing that sentence in my head.

Time running away

Lately I’ve been feeling like time isn’t just passing, it’s running away from me. And I’m wasting far too much of it while I’ve got it. The truth is, I love video games. And I spend too much time playing them. And I have so much other stuff to do. So I’m trying to cut back. I’m not a leap out of bed first thing in the morning person, so a lot of the time I sit in bed and play on my iPad for a while before getting up. It would be more productive if I got out of bed, got ready for work and maybe posted some items on Etsy instead.

This morning I did. I got out of bed instead of playing games. Got dressed, made my lunch, did a quick run around with the vacuum (love the cordless vac) and renewed a posting on Etsy. If that’s an example of what I could have been accomplishing, I feel pretty silly. Now I’ll try it when I get home from work. Most of the time I have lunch and start playing on the computer. Instead I’m going to finish my chores before I get on the computer. Then at least I’ll feel like I accomplished something.

I’m also somewhat vertically challenged and a lot of my clothes need modification before they fit. I do a lot of hemming. I should do that in the evening while watching television. There is seldom anything on television that is so important that it demands my absolute attention. I have been doing that for the past couple of weeks and have finished three hemming/repair jobs. I’ve been know to let pants sit around for months before I hem them. I’d rather not wait until they no longer fit.

I just feel like time is going by so fast and there’s so much I want to accomplish. I have to figure out how to use the time I have more efficiently. I don’t want to be obsessive about it, just use it a bit more productively.


Was sitting out on the patio last night relaxing. Wonderful Spouse was on the phone talking to his mom. A rather lengthy conversation regarding vegetarian cooking.

I went inside for a moment and my phone was ringing. It was Mom asking me to take her to the hospital. Dad was in a high state of agitation and had resorted to throwing things. I went and got Mom and we went to the hospital. He wasn’t actually that bad when we got there. Relatively quiet, although quite annoyed.

His sense of time is totally distorted. He thought Mom hadn’t been to visit in days, though she’s gone twice a day minimum every day since he got there. He also thought he’d been left alone for a long time, so he took a can of nutrition shake and threw it at the window. My instant cure for that was to take the cans of stuff off his bed table and put them out of reach.

Poor Mom looks like she’s reaching the end of her strength. The nurse told her that they like to call a family member when patients get agitated because it gives them someone familiar to reassure them. I asked that they not call her at night unless it’s an emergency. I then told Mom about what I’d said so that she wouldn’t think that I was being too high-handed. They’d recently moved him to the long term care wing and I don’t know if the staff knows how often Mom is there.

Dad is really getting tired of the whole deal. People come in and do things to him at all hours of the day and night; usually painful things. He doesn’t know who they are and often has no idea of what they’re doing.