Orange County Cactus and Succulent Society Spring Sale


I went to the this weekend. It was the only thing I did this weekend. I’ve had the Cold from Hell for the last week or so and have felt like doing exactly nothing. But I’ve been waiting for months for the sale and I wasn’t going to let anything make me miss it.

Found this red echevaria morph. I saw someone with one and someone else was asking where they’d got it. I went right away and picked one up. I’m glad I did. The color is just gorgeous.

20170326 red echevaria

I didn’t spend nearly as much as I have in the past. I didn’t buy any plants that were on my “I’ve killed one of those before” list. I’ve decided that it really isn’t very productive to spend money on a plant that I know isn’t happy with the conditions in my yard. Instead I’ve been focusing on my plan for the front yard. I’ve found a garden designer who’s work I really like and I’m trying my hand at it in my front yard. It’s going to take a while to see results I can’t afford to buy big bunches of plants to make the massings I so love in his work so I’m starting small and letting the plants grow. I’ll take cuttings and offsets when I can and build the garden that way. Slow, but satisfying.

Weeding 20170221

Actually got myself outside and did some work in the front yesterday. My schedule has changed recently and I have far less time to do the things I want to do now. And feel like doing them much less. I work a “part-time” day at 6 hours and am required to take a lunch. Neither of which did I want. It’s all of the disadvantages of full time and none of the benefits. Then there’s the jewelry business, which I am NOT willing to give up.

But I’ve been really inspired lately by the succulent gardens of David Feix. His succulent landscapes are packed with beautiful contrasts of form and color and I want a garden like that right now. However, I have learned that things like that don’t happen quickly. The best way for me to achieve it to work on it a little bit every chance I get. Goodness knows that working in the garden will be better for me than sitting at my workbench.

You learn something every day


This is one of the first plants I got when I joined the OC Cactus and Succulent Society. I’m not generally fond of the spiky-toothy kinds of plants, but the colors on this aloe really appealed to me. The fact that it’s produced three or four offsets in this tiny pot doesn’t hurt, either. And now it’s also producing new plants on the ends of the broken off flower stalks. I’m looking forward to having lots of these around the house.