Jacaranda Season


It’s jacaranda season in Southern California right now. I saw this street in morning sun a few days ago, thought “I should take a picture” and drove on by. Kicking myself now. I have always loved jacaranda trees, although I understand why some people don’t. I especially love it when the trees are covered in delirious purple blossoms. They were widely used in landscapes for a while, until people figured out that all those purple blossoms fall off. I still love seeing them, The big purple crowns of the trees dotted across the landscape. Let’s me know it’s spring.

Pros and Cons


The delachampia dioscoreifolia has been on my questionable list for a while now. Is is worth keeping or should I dig it up and get rid of it. I decided to make a list of pros and cons

1. It needs pruning every week. It’s doing what all vines do when they’re happy, trying to take over the world.
2. It has these tiny little spines all over it it and if it brushes up against my skin it leaves itchy red welts. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t need pruning every week.


The spines glitter very prettily in the sun, but I’ve learned to prune it with long sleeves on or else.

1. Those Disneyland Tiki Room flowers that look like they’re singing a chorus.


2. I use the leaves in jewelry making. Young leaves are an elongated heart shape with well defined veins, perfect for leaf impressions in silver clay.

I’m still undecided.

Fair Weather Gardener

Most of the time. Certainly at this time of the year. Browsing through the gardening blogs in my reading list at this time of year really do make me grateful to live here. Especially ones like this. Having to dig up dozens of plant to move them in out of winter weather just does not sound appealing to me. I know that no one has to grow plants that are not hardy to their growing zone, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I have exactly one plant that drops its leaves if we hit cold weather and I just see that as an opportunity to cut it back because it has a tendency to get leggy. But the leaves are so spectacular I just don’t want to live without it.


So I live with its lankiness and its susceptibility to parasites and thank goodness I don’t have to dig it up and move it to the garage every year.