Kony 2012, last week and this week

I saw the guy that started the Konya 2012 on television last week and thought ‘Something is wrong with that guy.’ I hadn’t heard of him or of the millions of people who got involved in the movement before that.

I went to see my Mom and she mentioned it and I blurted out that I didn’t think he was really legit. My Mom got kind of upset with me. She thought it was a great thing, all these kids getting involved trying to bring this evil man to justice. She told me that the man promoting the movement already had money so he couldn’t just be bilking people. I said I didn’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if something turned out not quite right with him and dropped the subject.

What I expected was for him to be siphoning money; what happened was that he decided to go walking around town naked. The mean part of me is shouting, “See! See! I told you something was wrong with that guy!”

The Farm

I mentioned it to the Wonderful Spouse a few weeks ago and to my great surprise he said OK.

We both have our reasons; some of them we share.

I think that the human population has reached a size that’s getting very difficult to support. I think there’s a big bad coming. I don’t know when and I don’t know what, but it’s coming. Any kind of disaster could interrupt food, water and energy supplies. Being in a large population center could mean starvation or worse.

The whole tea party thing scares me, too. They want to deny gays rights. They want to burn books. They’re just a few steps away from witch burning. As an atheist, I think I probably fall under their definition of witch.

I’d like to be able to produce my own food. If you really want to know what’s in your food, grow it yourself. I do what I can now, which is mostly tomatoes and herbs. I’d like to do something more substantive.

Living in densely populated Orange County has kind of burned me out. I’d like to live someplace where quiet happens sometimes. It’s never quiet where I live. I can always hear cars on the highway and freeway. I can usually hear the neighbors screaming or crying or laughing. I can smell the garbage trucks going by. I’d like to live someplace where there’s room for something besides more people.

I still can’t believe the Spouse is OK with the idea, but he’s said so more than once. Now comes research and planning. Although I know no one’s experience will be exactly the same I’m reading. Hit by a Farm is the first on the list.

Yes on (H)8

There’s a proposition on the California ballot to ban the recently approved measure allowing gay marriage.

I don’t understand this measure at all.  If it’s something that you wouldn’t want done to you, why would you feel it’s OK to do someone else?

It also feels to me like it would be state sponsored discrimination, and that’s just never a good idea.

Bad behavior

The Spouse and I went to my stepson’s wedding this weekend.  It was about a 50 mile drive to where he was getting married and on the way back someone on my side of the car was honking his horn, swearing, flipping us off and waving his arms at us.  I sat there wondering what the heck his problem was. 

As he pulled away from us, the answer became clear.  The McCain/Palin bumper sticker on the back of his car.  My husband is a strong supporter of Obama and has a sticker on his car, too.

McCain’s supporters have been doing him no favors in my eyes lately.  At worst they’re angry and more than a little spiteful, at best they’re behaving badly.