Adopted Orchids


A friend had a bunch of orchids in her house. When the blooms died she didn’t want to throw them away, but didn’t have the right conditions to get them to bloom again so she offered them to me. I took them home and I’m afraid I was not very kind to them initially. I put them out in the atrium and left them. It was a big change in environment and some of them got sunburned leaves. However, most of them managed to survive. I recently noticed, to my surprise, that there were bloom spikes on a couple of them. I’ve only had my orchids bloom in winter before, when the weather is somewhat cooler and damper. At least I don’t feel like quite such a fraud now.

The friend also came up with the idea that I should babysit people’s orchids and give them when they were blooming. Um, no. No market for it, no money in it and in no way do I want to do that. That’s doing all the work and missing all of the fun.

Maroon Orchid

The maroon orchids are blooming again. I just love the color on these. I also love that they’re sort of like a black leopard, in certain lights you can see their spots.

20151217 MaroonOrchid

Whenever I go to Trader Joe’s I always look through the flower section. Most of the time their orchids are pretty ordinary but every once in a while there’s something interesting. I got this one last year. It’s been in my kitchen window since, living on the ice cubes that drop regularly out of my ridiculous refrigerator. I’m seriously surprised that it decided to bloom again this year.

I have for years kept a small collection of vintage refrigerator bottles in the kitchen window. I think that’s going to change. Orchids would be much more rewarding.