Friday Favorite 4/8 – Nasturtiums

I love nasturtiums.

I think they are one of the main reasons I got into gardening. They’re one of the first things I planted in our yard when the Spouse and I got married. When we first moved in there was this two foot wide planter all around the edge of the yard. The then owner of the house had stuck in some pansies just so they wouldn’t be empty. I planted nasturtiums and cosmos. It rained a lot that year and the nasturtiums just took over.


They only lasted a couple of months but while they were there I delighted in the lush green and bright flowers.


I think of them as generous. They fill up the blank spots in my yard every year and the leaves and flowers are edible. Of course you have to get to them before the cabbage worms and aphids.


I don’t plant nasturtiums much any more. They come back every year anyway and I enjoy the show until the Southern California sun dries them out into potato chips.