A co-worker and I have agreed to give up sugar for thirty days. My co-worker is going whole hog and trying to cut out ALL sugar. No fruit, nothing. I’m just trying to cut out candy, ice cream and processed food high in sugar.

I’ve been having some odd what I think are side effects. My mood fell down a well. Everything seemed like a tragedy. Now I have moods like everyone else, sometimes up, sometimes down, but I don’t usually have wide swings. Sleep was disrupted, too. As of today, that seems to have subsided. My mood is back to normal, been sleeping OK. On the plus side, my appetite seems to have decreased and while sweets are tempting, they are resistible. It really helps my will power that I’ve said that I won’t.

This is how I managed to start bringing my lunch. I said I wasn’t going to have fast food for thirty days, so I had to. Now I bring a simple, easily packed lunch almost every day. And I almost always eat it.

Figure it out

I love figuring stuff out. Whether it’s learning a new skill at jewelry making (thanks Brea Bead Works!), figuring out who does the voiceover on commercials (David Duchovny does dog food, Tom Selleck does orange juice) or determining the ingredients in a dish by taste alone.

Today was ingredients day. There’s a restaurant close to work that makes flat bread dishes, one of which I really like. The last couple of times I’ve had it I tried to figure out what they use to make it. The poor restaurant is struggling, most of them are, and if I don’t learn to make it myself I might not be able to have it again.

The name of the dish is ‘the Brazilian.’ I couldn’t find anything in any kind of Brazilian cooking that would relate to it. Maybe they just used the name because it was sufficiently exotic that people here wouldn’t know what to expect? It’s flatbread with grilled chicken, cheese and some kind of sauce. I’d tasted mustard in the sauce before, and it was kind of sweet.

As I sat in there perusing the menu it hit me. Restaurants probably try to do as much as they can with a basic list of ingredients. They don’t want to have to buy any more than they have to, especially in this economy. On their menu is a spinach salad with honey mustard dressing and grilled chicken. It was an ah hah! moment for me. And now, providing I can find the right flat bread, I can easily make it at home.