Bucket of beads


I have a lot of beads. Sometimes I think I should just take them all and throw them in a bucket, but you know that then the one I was looking for would be at the bottom. I’ve been working on project three from my idea book, but haven’t made much progress in the past few days. Got a request for a specific coin that I didn’t have in stock and because I have to mix the resin in batches I always do as many as the resin will cover so as not to waste it. I’m out of a lot of my best sellers anyway, so a batch of coins in line ahead of experimental work for right now.

Freaks me out


The eyes really freak me out. That and every time I think I’ve found them all I find another one. My poor tomato plant is practically denuded. That has not, fortunately, prevented it from producing a prodigious quantity of tomatoes. I’m hoping to actually get some of them since our mouse population has been discouraged by feline intervention.

Pros and Cons


The delachampia dioscoreifolia has been on my questionable list for a while now. Is is worth keeping or should I dig it up and get rid of it. I decided to make a list of pros and cons

1. It needs pruning every week. It’s doing what all vines do when they’re happy, trying to take over the world.
2. It has these tiny little spines all over it it and if it brushes up against my skin it leaves itchy red welts. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t need pruning every week.


The spines glitter very prettily in the sun, but I’ve learned to prune it with long sleeves on or else.

1. Those Disneyland Tiki Room flowers that look like they’re singing a chorus.


2. I use the leaves in jewelry making. Young leaves are an elongated heart shape with well defined veins, perfect for leaf impressions in silver clay.

I’m still undecided.