The Nerd Thing


Started playing DnD (again) with some old and new friends recently. What surprises me is that the group keeps growing. Started with six people, the second time was eight, now there’s a possibility of ten. We’re having to look for a place big enough to hold us all. Thanks Stranger Things, for making nerdiness a little more acceptable.

Praying Mantids of our own

I’ve bought mantid egg cases from the local nursery on many occasions, mostly because I think the insects interesting. I know we’ve had quite a few live to be adult size, but this is the first time I’ve seen this:

Unknow Egg Case 201203

I found it a couple of weeks ago and wondered what it was. I looked it up on-line and praying mantid egg cases were the only things that came up that looked like this.

A few days later I found this little one on a stump:

Mantid Hatchling 201204_aa

It’s about a quarter of an inch long. I’d actually bought egg cases again this year and wasn’t sure which it came from, but I want back and checked on the one in the garden and saw this:

Mantid Egg Case 201204

The stuff hanging from the bottom of the case is what is left after they hatch out.

It is so cool to see this happening in my own yard. I’m increasing the biological diversity in our own very few square feet. You don’t have to do things on a grand scale to make some changes.