The Difference a Little Rain Makes

20170401 LongView

It is amazing the difference between this year and the previous years of drought. The whole garden is just putting on more growth than I’ve seen in a long time. I’d practically forgotten what it’s like. I spent half of the weekend dividing and planting and potting. The other half I sat and looked at the flowers and listened to the birds. There was a huge monarch flitting about and I’ve already seen evidence of her progeny, holes nibbled in the leaves of the milkweed.

The hummingbird was doing his courting dance, doing a big, swooping dive in front of his girlfriend. I can only see them every once in a while, but I sure do hear him, the hummingbird Doppler effect. Zooooom, swoop to the right, zooooom, swoop to the left. I don’t know if his ladyfriend is impressed, but I am.

20170401 Trees

The tree on the right in this photo is much less full than the one on the left. Last year I thought that it might be some condition of placement or nutrients available. This year I think it’s the squirrel. A couple of weeks as the tree was just starting to leaf out, the squirrel spent hours grazing on the new growth. I have no problem thinking that one determined squirrel can remove most of the new leaves on a tree that size. I haven’t seen the squirrel in the last week or so. Wonder if there are baby squirrels?


20170205 _Seeds

I hand fertilized my Haemanthus albiflos this year and I’m getting quite a few seeds. I guess they’re fruit rather than seeds, and not ripe. They turn orange when ripe, but I planted them anyway. I set up nursery pots in places I pass by often so I won’t neglect them. Then I put cutting and seeds in it.


Sometimes those pots end up with the most interesting combinations.

Friday Favorite – haemanthus albiflos


This is one of my favorite plants. Probably mostly because I’ve had it forever. It’s also one of the plants that I decided should go where it wants to go, instead of where I want it to be. It’s much happier now. The burnt foliage has been replaced with happy green leaves and it’s blooming away. I think I’ll try hand pollinating it and see if I can get some viable seeds this year.I should probably divide and re-pot it, but I hate to mess with something that’s doing so well.

I don’t know why

Euphorbia guiengola

I don’t know why I had to have this plant. Especially after it arrived I didn’t know why I had to have this plant. It was three sticks in a box. Maybe I saw something at one of the cactus shows. I stuck them in a plastic pot and watered them irregularly and they produced a few flowers. Which the rescue pigeon promptly ate. And I wondered again why I bought this plant.

Well, the weather cooled (a little bit, for a little while) and it produced some leaves and more flowers and I’m starting to appreciate it a little. Still wonder what made me buy it in the first place.