Silly rules

Got out of my car this morning and said “Damn! Now I have to go up the stairs when I go home.” In an effort to get more exercise into my life I’ve been making silly rules. I park in a parking structure at work, and usually end up on the fourth level. Rule number one – Take the stairs down. Rule number two – if I park on the second or third level, I have to take the stairs up at the end of the day. Rule number three – All Etsy shipments must be hand-carried to the post office. Rule number four – All house and garden work is aerobic if you do it fast enough – speed it up. Besides, you get more done in less time that way. I’m not sure that it’s the rules or just the feeling of running out of time that’s making the difference, but I do feel like I’m making a little more progress these day. Except for those days when I break all my rules.


So I changed jobs and moved to a different building. This building is four floors taller than the old one. Just before Christmas I started doing the stairs in this building. I’m working longer hours and have less time to get my jewelry stuff done at home. I figured if I got my workout done during lunch that would be one thing that I wouldn’t have to do at home. So I bring stuff I can eat at my desk and do the stairs during my lunch hour. It’s had the benefit of having a specific time to exercise and being easily quantified. I’ve kept up every day since I started and I’ve been pushing myself to work a little harder every day.

Yesterday I think I worked a little too hard. One ankle was really sore and I was really stiff last night. I was going to skip working out today altogether but I was reading an article a woman wrote about doing push ups every day and she said that you don’t skip. You just do it as low key as you need. In the beginning I just went down the stairs. Then I went down a floor than up one flight (each floor being two flights of stairs). This week it’s been down two floors and up one, starting at the roof. Until today when I went back to down one floor and up one flight; taking it easy all the way. And it was easy. I wasn’t out of breath when I got to the bottom.

I haven’t worked out this regularly in ages. I’ve been trying to figure out why. I think the biggest part is that I have a set time.  Also, I don’t have to do anything. I don’t change clothes. I never wear heels, so I don’t have to change shoes. Should we have a zombie apocalypse, or any other widespread calamity, I should be in good shape. Now if I could just get rid of my fast food habit, I’ll have it made. I keep telling myself that if I’m working this hard at working out I shouldn’t mess it up with poor food choices.


Stair people

It used to be there were cigarette people. People who got together in groups outside of buildings to smoke. There may still be cigarette people, but if there are, they hide. Smoking has become so uncool that people usually don’t do it in public.

In an effort to try to work some movement into my very restrictive job, I’ve started using the stairs in our building. I figure I won’t live through the Zombie Apocalypse if I can’t move faster than a zombie. And I’m not alone. I’ve noticed that there are stair people. Like the cigarette people of the past, the stair people form a little bond of shared activity. It’s kind of cool. I’m not that good at social interactions and it gives me an opportunity to practice a little day to day conversation. Not to mention that I’m moving at least a little faster than a zombie these days.

I hate shoelaces

Really, I do. I know it’s silly, but they seem like the biggest waste of time to me. Especially in exercise shoes. The window of time where I will actually change clothes and get on the treadmill is very narrow. Doesn’t take much to make me say ‘not today.’ Not to mention that whole coming untied thing.

Just that little bit of time spent tying my shoes was enough to make me think “I want those” to some stupidly expensive, not-yet-in-production, prototype shoes that I saw on The Awsomer. Some days I scare myself.

Sore muscles

Dug a lantana out of one of the planters in the front yard this weekend.  Another idea gone wrong.  I wanted something low-growing and drought tolerant.  The drought tolerant was fine.  It flourished with very little water.  The low growing, not so much.  Another monster trying to take over the world.

So over the weekend I pruned it back to a stump and then tried to dig it out.  That took a little more muscle than I actually have, so the Spouse took over when I ran out of steam.  Chopping roots out with a mattock as opposed to a hatchet, not easy.

Been having a lot of fun with the Wii.  I really enjoy using the fit in addition to walking.  It keeps track of what I’ve done so I’m always motivated to beat my last score.  And I like the variety of exercises available.  I don’t get bored just doing one thing day after day.  Exercise a la carte.  I always try to do the ones I hate at least once during each session.  I figure I need those most.  Either that or rampant masochism.

I actually feel like I’m benefiting from the variety.  My balance has been horrible for years.  I have a tendency to go down stairs one step at a time.