20160813 Weekend

Went to the show at the arboretum Saturday. I keep telling myself I’m just going to buy pots for the stuff I already have. That never works out quite the way I plan. I go and look around the show and look for plants that look really cool in their more adult forms and then go and see if I can find a young plant. Much less expensive and I get the fun of seeing what I can do with them myself.

It was sweltering waiting in line and I shaded my plants as best as I was able.


I got to chatting with the people I was standing in line with, which is one of the big benefits of going someplace like that. You know they’re probably as crazy as you about plants and usually willing to talk to anyone about them. We spent our time in line chatting about our favorites and all of their special care needs and how beautiful they’d be.

Of course, people’s ideas of beautiful vary. I think this is beautiful. Some people would say it looks like a rock.


These days I try to get stuff I don’t have. Which is getting harder and harder. I categorize by 1. Stuff I have, 2. Stuff I don’t have, and 3. Stuff I shouldn’t have because I’ll kill it. The trouble with category 3 is that I keep trying. I make improvements so I’m able to keep some things alive that I used to kill, but I don’t know where the line is.

Now that I have all my new treasures home I’ll take them in and look them up on the internet to see what kind of care they prefer and them place them with others that prefer the same care. It’s almost as much fun as buying them.