Jacaranda Season


It’s jacaranda season in Southern California right now. I saw this street in morning sun a few days ago, thought “I should take a picture” and drove on by. Kicking myself now. I have always loved jacaranda trees, although I understand why some people don’t. I especially love it when the trees are covered in delirious purple blossoms. They were widely used in landscapes for a while, until people figured out that all those purple blossoms fall off. I still love seeing them, The big purple crowns of the trees dotted across the landscape. Let’s me know it’s spring.

Friday Favorite – haemanthus albiflos


This is one of my favorite plants. Probably mostly because I’ve had it forever. It’s also one of the plants that I decided should go where it wants to go, instead of where I want it to be. It’s much happier now. The burnt foliage has been replaced with happy green leaves and it’s blooming away. I think I’ll try hand pollinating it and see if I can get some viable seeds this year.I should probably divide and re-pot it, but I hate to mess with something that’s doing so well.