A co-worker and I have agreed to give up sugar for thirty days. My co-worker is going whole hog and trying to cut out ALL sugar. No fruit, nothing. I’m just trying to cut out candy, ice cream and processed food high in sugar.

I’ve been having some odd what I think are side effects. My mood fell down a well. Everything seemed like a tragedy. Now I have moods like everyone else, sometimes up, sometimes down, but I don’t usually have wide swings. Sleep was disrupted, too. As of today, that seems to have subsided. My mood is back to normal, been sleeping OK. On the plus side, my appetite seems to have decreased and while sweets are tempting, they are resistible. It really helps my will power that I’ve said that I won’t.

This is how I managed to start bringing my lunch. I said I wasn’t going to have fast food for thirty days, so I had to. Now I bring a simple, easily packed lunch almost every day. And I almost always eat it.

Bad behavior

The Spouse and I went to my stepson’s wedding this weekend.  It was about a 50 mile drive to where he was getting married and on the way back someone on my side of the car was honking his horn, swearing, flipping us off and waving his arms at us.  I sat there wondering what the heck his problem was. 

As he pulled away from us, the answer became clear.  The McCain/Palin bumper sticker on the back of his car.  My husband is a strong supporter of Obama and has a sticker on his car, too.

McCain’s supporters have been doing him no favors in my eyes lately.  At worst they’re angry and more than a little spiteful, at best they’re behaving badly.