The internet can be a wonderful thing. Since people at work have found out that I make jewelry I’ve been asked to repair a lot of stuff. Mostly it’s been restringing jobs, with occasional re-gluing. Recently someone gave me a chain with a broken link and asked me to fix it. I told her I wasn’t sure, but I’d give it a shot. At least I couldn’t break it any broker.

I put off fixing it for a couple of weeks because I was working on other orders, and I was really apprehensive about trying to fix it. I went to YouTube and watched videos on how to repair chain. It seemed pretty straightforward, but I was still afraid I would melt the links rather than solder them. I finally got out my torch and tools and went to work. Got it on the first try! Still kind of surprised at that. It was nice to be able to give back the repaired necklace.

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