Traffic Monster

That would be me. I am the most impatient driver. That’s one reason I try to be early. It’s much more relaxing. I act like everyone is in my way if there’s a possibility I could be late. I plan my drive with traffic patterns in mind. Stay out of the right lane in that area because you pass three schools and there are lots of pedestrians. Stay out of the left lane on that section because traffic always piles up there. Get past the school bus before it stops or you’ll have to stop and wait for a LOT of school kids to get on.

But the area near where I work drives me crazy(er). There’s one signal that has me pounding the steering wheel in frustration. The left turn signal lasts long enough to let three cars through, if you start when it turns green. Which apparently no one does. It seems like everyone is either on their phone, asleep at the wheel or have the reaction time of a snail. They also don’t read the traffic sign, which is Left turn yield on green, and I often have to wait through three signals before I get to turn. So I sit there flailing and screaming like a mad monkey and hoping that no one actually hears me.

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