Slug beer

In the last four years of drought I’d pretty much forgotten about slugs. We really just haven’t had any. The heat and lack of moisture have kept them from multiplying and they just haven’t been an issue. Until the last couple of months when they forcibly brought themselves to my attention by gnawing on all my favorites. They’ve chewed my silver dichondra to silver string and my jewel orchid is also devoid of leaves.

Some method of population control was necessary and considering that I have a tortoise and the cats spend time on the patio, something relatively non-toxic is in order. So I put out cups of beer and drown the little animated pieces of yuck. My husband actually offered to let me use some of his home-brewed beer, but it’s so hoppy that the slugs won’t go for it. So we get the cheapest beer available at the market and I fill yogurt cups or other plastic disposable containers and set them around the yard. The first round of drowned slugs was downright startling. They almost covered the bottom of the cup. Eww. I can see that I’m going to be moving little cups of beer around the yard, and not in a fun way.

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