A hero in your own story

I’m a pretty geeky person. I love science fiction. I play video games. My husband and I get together with a group of people a couple of times a month and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Playing an MMORPG taught me about working on a team. There was nothing like getting together with a bunch of your guild members and doing a dungeon run. Each of you plays a role and together you can conquer obstacles that would be impossible alone. There’s also nothing like being on a crappy team where someone tries to show off or just doesn’t know what to do. Then at best you lurch along awkwardly, at worst you can’t achieve your goal.

Dungeons and Dragons is similar. The Spouse and I were talking about what makes it fun to play DnD. I think it’s that everyone wants to be the hero in the story. If you give everyone a chance to do that, they’re going to have fun.

I think that’s true in real life, too. To me, there’s nothing like running into a situation and knowing what to do. I like feeling like have something to contribute is important to me. I find that a heck of a lot more fun than sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else do things.

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