Christmas Decorations

I tell myself that I don’t have much in the way of Christmas decorations because I like things simple and serene. And while that is true, what would more accurate description is that I’m lazy. That and I have way too much stuff for things that I’ll have out for a couple of weeks per year and then have to find room to store in a closet. So I have a few things I put out. My grandmother’s ornaments, losing their silvering. I think of them as Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Ornament 201202_ac

This year I added some new decorations. I was hoping to put these bulbs among my grandmothers to illuminate them, but they turned out to be much too large. I found an alternative use.


The thing that amuses me is where it looks like someone went through the holiday aisle at Target with a vacuum and they have a holiday item everywhere you look. Things hung from walls, windows and ceilings. Ornaments tucked into plants and sitting on every counter. It looks like Christmas elves barfed all over everything.

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