Atrium coming together


My atrium is finally starting to look like something I did on purpose, instead of the new plant holding spot that I usually use it for. Since it’s on a spray irrigation system I often put new plants in there so I know that they won’t die of thirst before I get them in the ground. I generally keep most plants in pots in there because if a plant is successful there, they just go crazy and try to take over the whole space.

I used to have a group of bamboo palms where the dracaena is, but it was really messy, always dropping leaves and it got bugs. It also got too tall and there was no good way to remove just one stalk. Finally, when we had some guys over to remove a tree that was interfering with our foundation I had them take the bamboo palm, too. I’m glad I did, too. The dracaena is much easier to care for. It drops way fewer leaves and when it gets too tall I lop it off and it sprouts a new stalk and we start all over.

The stromanthe triostar to the left of the dracaena I recently moved to the atrium from the patio and it’s much happier. I don’t know why I didn’t think of moving it before. It has always had burnt leaves on the patio. There’s a clue that it needs less sun and higher humidity. I’m not totally happy with the composition yet. I need to move things around a bit to get the color balance right, but the atrium is a lot better than it was. Nothing dead or dying at present. Whoever said “Plant what grows” had it right. If a plant isn’t happy where it is, put it somewhere else or plant something different. Another advantage of having stuff in pots. Changing your mind about where something goes is so much easier.

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