We have had a mouse issue lately. A while back a field adjacent to our neighborhood was cleared and since then there have been mouse sightings at night. We also had a couple of entry points where we’ve made changes to plumbing, etc. and it appears that they moved into the garage. I first noticed them on the patio, when I would go out to take something to the trash at night.

Then the wind chimes in the atrium started ringing on nights when there wasn’t wind enough to move them. Besides, wind chimes blowing in the wind sound much different than wind chimes clanging because something has landed on the pole. The Spouse saw them jumping onto the pole late one night.

Soon bad things started happening to my plants:


They started to eat the leaves off of everything. They ate my tomatoes. They ate all the leaves off of my hyacinth beans. They ate the new growth off of almost everything. They started eating my precious succulents. Ack!

After that I started blocking off the entrance/exits to the garage. I’m kind of glad I didn’t get them all filled in at once. It gave them a chance to get out of the garage. I’m not really interested in having a garage full of mummified mouse corpses.

We’ve also had help in reducing the rodent population from the cats and other predators. The cats have caught two and we’ve found a couple more partial (ew) corpses in the yard. I think that would be our local owl family. Go owls! I’m hoping that between no longer providing a cozy home, the cats and other predators that the mice will decide that they’ll live longer elsewhere. They don’t appear to be getting into the atrium anymore. Plants once eaten to nubs are putting up new growth. Now if they will abandon the main part of the yard I will be much happier.

One thought on “Mice

  1. I hope you got them all. We had a rat move into our garage that took me forever to kill. It even went into the crawl space under our house and then under our bathtub. Having rodents is annoying and stressful.

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