2016 Labor Day weekend

Had a good Labor Day weekend. Now I need a day off. Friday on the way home I went and bought three bags of cocoa mulch, mulch made from the shells of cocoa seeds for the uninitiated, and some new plants, of course and proceeded to spend a large portion of my weekend pulling weeds, pruning and spreading mulch. All of this made me very happy. It also made me very tired. But at least I feel like I accomplished something. And I did get to spend a lot more time outside than on my usual weekend.

I started with the atrium. I’d take a bucket of mulch in and spread it around and take a bucket of dead leaves, clippings and weeds out. That worked so well there I did it with the rest of the yard, too. For once I could actually see a difference from before to after. Often you really can’t tell where I’ve been working. I think next I’ll go in and lift the stepping stones up out of the baby tears and wash them off. Many have settled into the dirt.


In addition to manual labor, I got to commune a little with the lizards and the butterflies. This little one has been caught by and rescued from the cats more than once.

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