Natural History Professor

My husband and I are huge nerds and are shortly going to start playing Dungeons and Dragons with a friend of ours. We used to have a group that played once a week, but they all got married or moved or had kids. You know, life and stuff. The friend that got us playing in the first place wants to start up again and he came over to pick up some stuff we used to use while playing.

I was working in the yard when they came over. I try to start early before it gets hot. I was wondering when our friend would show up when he did just that. He also brought his three year old daughter and five year old son. He immediately wanted to introduce them to our tortoise and from there we went on a tour of the yard. I pointed out baby lizards and butterflies. I showed them cocoons and caterpillars. They had questions about everything. They were even good with my cat. I told them she was friendly, but didn’t like to be held and to walk up to her instead of run so she wouldn’t think they were chasing her and they actually did. They got to pet the cat instead of scare her upstairs under the bed for the duration of their visit.

I enjoyed playing natural history professor and showing them all of the things that I love about my garden. And we also got to get rid of a bunch of stuff that we hadn’t used in years.

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