Things have been active in the yard lately. This little bastard has been stripping my macadamia nut tree bare.


I had a pigeon for a while.


And then I didn’t.


That pretty much explains why there are no pigeons in my neighborhood. I think this is a Cooper’s Hawk and they’re known for eating pigeons. And while I know this is the natural order of things and the world really does not need any more pigeons, I’m kind of sad. Pigeons are pretty affectionate birds.

Either the hawk or an owl has been taking care of other wildlife issues. In the last week the Spouse took mouse parts and a dead mouse away from the cats. While it’s possible that one of the cats would kill a mouse, it’s unlikely they would eat it. And if they did kill one, they would make a pretty big fuss about it.

Now if one of the raptors would only get that damn squirrel.

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