Seriously grumpy day

Starting out with not enough sleep. That’s never a good way to start the day. Then the drive through at McDonald’s was closed. When I went inside, their whole computer system was down. The staff was doing the best it could; accepting cash only and writing down orders, but people were acting like they’d done it on purpose just to mess with them. Made me want to slap them. They work at McDonald’s; aren’t their lives miserable enough? Don’t make it worse by treating a computer issue like it’s a personal affront. I did find one thing amusing. They’d put traffic cones in the entrance to the drive through to keep people from going in and there were a couple of people in cars just sitting there like someone was going to come out and let them through. I was surprised at how long they sat there.

Then there’s the stop sign that isn’t there. There’s a school crossing I pass on my way to work. There’s a cross walk and a crossing guard, but no stop sign. The car in front of me decided it was going to stop there anyway. There was no one in the crosswalk and no reason to stop. And once they stopped, they didn’t want to go. Made me want to get out of my car and push them through the intersection.

Of course, if I’d gotten enough sleep I wouldn’t even remember any of this stuff.

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