In which I make cake


I have never been much of a baker. I had one little baking disaster in my 20’s where I learned that you actually have to measure correctly (twice as much baking soda as needed really doesn’t taste good) and decided it was too much work.

Until a couple of years ago when I tried actually decorating a cake. Didn’t do that much. Stuck sprinkles to the side of the cake. To my amazement, it was well received. So I did another one for my Mom’s birthday. It too, went over pretty well for a cake out of a box and frosting out of a can. When Mom asked for a cake for Easter, I had just the thing in mind. I eventually went with another recipe, but this one was where I got the idea. It was nice colors and not the usual thing. I planned well in advance and had everything ready to go.

So of course I messed it up. Used the wrong measuring cup and ended up with almost twice as much water as I needed. It took me a few minutes to figure out why the batter was so runny. I dumped, spilling it all over myself in the process, and back to the store I went to get what I need to start over. This whole experience has given me some new rules to bake by.

1. Buy twice as much as you need, that way if things go horribly wrong at least you don’t have to go back to the store.
2. Do not hurry. The picture doesn’t show that the cake is 1/2 taller on one side because I tried to make three layers and the sides of the pan touched the sides of the oven. It seems obvious in retrospect, but I didn’t think about it at the time.
3. Don’t make cream cheese icing unless you have a stand mixer or really strong arms. That stuff takes some power to mix. However, if you have either of those, it’s totally worth the effort. The cake was good, but I would eat that icing with a spoon.

On the plus side, I had some extra batter and made cupcakes. I realized as I made them, I have never made cupcakes in my life. Here I am, nearly mumblety-mumble years old, and never made a cupcake. Had to look up how long to bake them on line. Brought food into work. Something I seldom do.


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