Weekend away

We went on a short family vacation. A three day weekend for the Spouse and I.


Rented a house at the beach.


And hung out together for a couple of days.


The best part was going to Seaside Gardens


We went twice. Their grounds are wonderful, especially right now when so much of it is in bloom.


The drive home wasn’t bad, either. Getting some rain this year has made a huge difference in the landscape. The hills were yellow with mustard flowers everywhere.

We did have some interesting experiences. The house next door to us was being used by forty or fifty kids for spring break. The second night we were there I thought they were going to riot in the street outside our window. I told my husband they sounded like a pack of hyenas. Then they sounded like howler monkeys. The Spouse and I watched out the windows and hoped that they didn’t start smashing cars, because ours was right there in their path. However, someone called the police and they settled down pretty quickly. Settling down being going inside next door, laughing and screaming and playing drums until at least 2 am. My recommendation, don’t rent a house at the beach during Spring Break.

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