Cigar Band Rings

So I make cigar band rings. I take the art from old cigar bands and translate it into something I can make a ring out of. I buy old cigar bands off of Ebay and use them as an initial source. I ordered some recently and got the batch yesterday. And they are the weirdest bunch of cigar bands I have ever seen. It’s like they were printed just for collectors. There were birds, bugs and flowers. Flags and airplanes. Traditional costumes from different countries. Country of origin markings from cruise ships.


Truly an odd collection. And, unfortunately, mostly unusable by my standards. I need strong graphic designs to be able to get it onto the metal at all and most of these really don’t fit the bill. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder, I found these.


The Thunderbirds and street signs. Really? A kids show from the 1960’s made with puppets and street signs?

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