I suck at houseplants

I really do. I keep trying, but so far I mostly kill them with great regularity. I manage to keep a couple of orchids in the kitchen window alive, mostly because our refrigerator has this annoying habit of dropping ice cubes. You fill a cup with ice cubes, turn away to get some water or something and it drops a couple of cubes on the floor. So I pick them up and plop them in orchid pots. I’m trying to turn an annoyance into a benefit.


I think I’ve found something I may be able to keep alive. I had these behind the couch with jewel orchids in them, but that didn’t work. I had to move the couch to water them. That didn’t happen. I had a couple of tillandsias before, but it’s dry enough here that keeping them watered is a challenge. This may actually be the answer to that problem. Put the jewel orchids in the atrium where they can actually grow.

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