3/6 Weekend activities

Spent most of the day in the yard on Saturday. Spent enough time out there that I was a bit sore on Monday. It felt good to get out there and do useful things. I keep transplanting more of the volunteer seedlings around the yard. I’ve timed it so I move them just before it rains and almost all of them are actually growing. This isn’t something I’ve done much of in the past and I’m thrilled with how successful it’s been.

The rain in this area has been falling just about right. We get a good amount every couple of weeks or so. The last one was a little more exciting than necessary. A real downpour for a little bit, complete with lightening and thunder. Electrical storms are really not very common in Southern California. Still, rain is rain right now and the garden has benefited greatly.

With the rain falling on a regular basis, the blooming season is really starting to get started. I was very generous with the seed I’ve collected over the last couple of years and with that, a good layer of compost and the rain, bare spots are getting fewer and farther between.


This weekends culinary experiment was meatballs in a bun. They were really easy to make. We used risng rolls and ready made meatballs and sauce. Thaw the rolls, cut them in half, wrap around the meatballs, let them rise and then bake. Serve with marinara sauce. They didn’t turn out bad, although there could have been some improvements. I used small meatballs because Mom can’t eat too much at one sitting and the meatballs were plain. The consensus was that we should have used larger, Italian meatballs.

We’ve only been at it for a few weeks, but cooking together with Mom has been a lot more engaging than driving over there with a bag of fast food. I enjoy the experimentation and it gives Mom something to plan and to look forward to. We go through cookbooks together and try to come up with something we’ll both like. I’ve gone out and gotten a couple of appetizer cookbooks looking for something new to make that she’ll like. She even wants to try to make something when we go on vacation in a few weeks. I’m not sure how long we’ll be able to keep coming up with new stuff to make, though. Maybe if we branch off into desserts or some simpler main dishes we can keep things going. We had enough left over this week for dinner for her and for the Spouse and me.

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