Weekend activities

It was really nice this weekend. I know I should prefer it cooler; most of the plants like it better, but I really enjoy the change from cool to warm. We stayed out after dark with the propane heater going. It was just cool enough for it to feel nice.

Things are popping up all over the yard, but it’s still in the beginning stages. I’m waiting for the flower show that will happen in a couple of months. In the meantime I’m putting seeds or succulent cuttings in any patch of bare soil. I planted most of the starts that I had and am starting new sets of cosmos and a tropical tomato that is supposed to be able to deal with high temperatures. We had weeks last summer where it was regularly 104⁰ Fahrenheit (40⁰ C.) I’m hoping I’ll be more successful with tomatoes that can cope with those temperatures.

Went to Mom’s on Sunday and made artichoke dip for lunch. She looks forward to doing stuff like that so much, it makes the visit better. Gets her more involved. Not to mention that even the dip is probably better for us than the fast food that I usually get. We have another dish picked out for next time.

The Wonderful Spouse came along and hooked up my old computer for her. The one she has been using was Dad’s and it’s so old that the software won’t update anymore. I’m hoping that she’ll get the hang of using it. We tried to make it as close to what she had as possible.

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