More rain

We had some more rain on Sunday. I had plenty of advance notice so I got to do a few chores best done pre-rain.

I distributed another batch of seeds around in places I’d like some more bloomers. One of my favorite ways to do things is to take the seeds from flowers that have been successful and just broadcast them around. I went around the yard, putting compost in the bare patches and then raking in seeds collected from last year’s flowers.


I also have a geranium that seeds itself around the yard. Except this year it didn’t because the chickens ate it all. Fortunately, I had one in the front yard. Unfortunately my husband decided to change one of the sprinklers without telling me and it died. Fortunately, it seeded itself very liberally out front. I dug up a bunch of the seedlings and put them in bare patches around the yard as well. Hopefully the rain will keep them damp long enough to get established.

I’ve been really happy with the geranium’s seeding habits. So far it hasn’t been out of control. If it shows up somewhere I don’t want it, I pull it up and that’s that. But it occurred to me today that we haven’t had any rain for so long I may not know it’s really seeding habits.

I planted several perennials out front that died along with the geranium and a couple of those are coming up from seed as well. Now why didn’t I think of moving some of those, too? I’ll have to dig a few of those up and move them, too. Add that to the incredible, elastic never-ending list of things I need to do in the yard.

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