New Year’s Revolutions, I mean Resolutions

They do seem to come around again and again, year after year.

This year I decided that in addition to any regular resolutions I make I should make doing things for someone besides myself a priority.

First on the list was play with the cats more. They love it so much. I started on this one already and there are results. I hunted up the old laser pointer and put new batteries in it. I played with the cats for a while a few nights ago. Every night since then I have a cat audience as soon as I go upstairs. One sits just outside the bedroom door, looking in and the other sits on the bed, staring at the box I keep the laser pointer in. This started after one time. I guess they like to play.

The next is call someone in my family once a week. Not text. Actual voice calling. I’m horrible at that stuff. I’ve never been big on phone calls. But a little more human contact might be nice.

Need to come up with one to do for the Spouse. Have to give that some thought.

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