Here it comes

It appears that El Nino is finally going to make it to our area. Once source has predicted six inches of rain this week. Thank goodness the spouse cleaned out the rain gutter over my succulent bench. I might actually try to move it to the other side of the patio, providing I can make enough room and have enough time. Barring that, I’ll move some of the more sensitive specimens.

I’ve planted the seeds, tubers, etc. for my perennial vegetables, but I’d like to get some tomato seeds in. In poking around the yard yesterday I found a pink tiger tomato at almost full size. It’s still very green and may be a while before it ripens. I got exactly one of those before the chickens did last year, but it was one of the most tasty tomatoes I’ve ever had. While I’m trying more heat tolerant varieties this year; I’ve got to with temps reaching 104 regularly, I’m going to plant more of these just because they taste so good.

I need to put the indoor orchids out, too. Perhaps even the new air plants. They’d probably love some rainwater. It’s going to rain every day for the next week just when I’m finally feeling well enough to go play in in the yard. Figures.

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