Instructions are for sissies

A little over a year ago I got a new car. It isn’t much like other cars I’ve gotten, which have pretty much been inconspicuous. Honda Accord, Toyota Corolla. Reliable, dependable, practically invisible.

This time I got a sky blue Mini Cooper. Not invisible. Initially I had a hard time with it. Not because of the car itself. The purchase experience was the worst purchasing experience. The salesman was obsequious in the slimiest way possible. Trying to make the purchase took most of the day. If you want to feel cheated, yanked around and like you need a shower afterwards, that’s the place to go. It made me mad to look at the car for weeks afterwards. I did eventually get over it.

Because the car had side mirror covers that have a version of the British flag on them, I decided to see if there was anything else available. I looked at Mini Cooper accessory sites and didn’t really find what I was after. Went on Amazon and found all kinds of stuff. I looked through it all and ordered a few things, all from different sources. Got the first one. Product looked good; packaging was cool. But no instructions. Second item showed up, product looked good, no instructions. Last item arrived, no instructions.

I’m starting to think that auto accessory companies must be run by 23-year-old boys, for whom instructions are a sign of weakness. You can’t possibly admit that you don’t know everything. Sheesh. I didn’t think you could buy paper towels that didn’t come with instructions of some sort.

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