I’ve been blogging for a long time. Ever since I found Diaryland in my endless wanderings around the web. It was fun. I could look at the source code and figured out how to do useless stuff like make it snow on your page or have your cursor expand and contract like a slinky. I enjoyed it enough that I’ve kept on reading and writing since about

I’ve watched the evolution of a lot of blogs. They come and they go. I’ve always figured that people blog for their own reasons. They don’t owe anything to anyone. They can start or stop whenever they want. I do admit that I’ve really missed some of them when they stop for a while. I’m persistent, though, and keep checking back. Once in a while I’m rewarded and they start blogging again.

Sometimes blogs end because the owner pssed away. Sometimes they just stop and sometimes you’re left guessing.

In the age of Facebook I can see why most don’t blog. But I’ve always preferred the long version. So I’ll keep reading. And as long as I’m here, writing.

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