Dalechampia Dioscoreifolia

The delachampia is blooming very late this year. I guess the 90 degree weather we had in November didn’t go unnoticed by the plant inhabitants of the yard. It doesn’t usually do that well during the winter, although it doesn’t die, like the lady that sold it to me told me it would. She told me it was tropical and needed a very warm environment. It apparently thinks my yard is warm enough, because it seems pretty happy. When the weather gets cool enough some of the leaves with curl up and turn brown at the points, but that’s been the worst of it. I usually use the winter die back as a time to cut it back.

In warm weather it’s alarmingly enthusiastic. It sends out long arching sprouts looking for more territory to take over. The only way I can keep it from covering the house entirely is to be ruthless when pruning it. I’ve been on the verge of digging it out altogether a couple of times. It stems have little hairs on them and when it brushes against my skin I get a rash. I try only to prune it when I’m wearing long sleeves. Between that and its tendency to world domination I was ready to get rid of it. But every summer it looks like its covered in purple butterflies and that always weakens my resolve. I also use the leaves in my jewelry, so it lives another year.

201520 Delachampia

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