Perennial Vegetables

So I’ve been researching perennial vegetables. Up until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t know there were any. I thought they all were plant, grow, harvest, repeat. I’ve found a few, and am happy to find them. There are more out there, but they aren’t readily available and a lot of them fall under the category of “I didn’t know you could eat that.” I’ve grown both hyacinth beans and scarlet runner beans before and didn’t know they were perennial. They also fall under the category of decorative as well as useful.

So I’ve bought some seeds. I’ve also bought some jerusalem artichoke and ground nuts, apios americana. I’m really interested to see what happens. I’ll still want annual vegetables. I don’t think I’ll ever stop growing tomatoes. Although you can grow tomatoes as a perennial if you live in the right climate. I had one indeterminate vine that grew up onto the roof and produced tomatoes through December. Tomatoes haven’t worked out very well for me for the last few years. Maybe if I get some heat tolerant varieties I’ll have better luck.

I am anxious to get the new seeds planted. Rain seems to start them off better than anything. They sprout after a rain and then grow slowly through the cooler months, taking off when warm weather arrives.

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