I think I can cook, maybe

So we did our candy making last weekend and it was really fun, even though I managed to wreck a whole batch of cashew brittle. I made the fudge, dark chocolate and vanilla, in record time, about five minutes per batch. I use the condensed milk recipe for the microwave with Ghiradelli melting wafers in the microwave and it couldn’t be easier. Melt the wafers with the milk for three minutes in the microwave, stir in nuts and pour. That’s it.

The brittle was pretty much a disaster and I’m not quite sure why, although I have a guess. I followed the instructions, but after I put the nuts in and put it in the microwave the second time, the syrup was dark. I decided to try to continue on, as it still looked edible. But I forgot how melted sugar holds heat and the nuts continued to burn and when I added the baking soda it rose up and spilled over the edges of the cup like lava. When I stirred it, it went down, but when I stopped to get some paper towels it overflowed again. It did that at least five times while I was trying to simultaneously stir and mop up the mess without burning my fingers. It only stopped when I poured it out onto some paper towels, wrapped it up and took it outside to throw into the trash. I didn’t care if it turned into the Blob out there. Then I spent the next twenty minutes scraping hardened sugar off the cup. It was an interesting experience. I do wish I knew what caused it.

We still managed to have fun. Mom got a Williams Sonoma catalog around Thanksgiving and got interested in some of the foods that they have. She got some for us to try. It was fun to share. We didn’t get that much done, but it was nice to spend the day together.

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